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Be in Josh’s Superband and appear in T mobile’s Latest ad!

If you are a musician and you want to help Josh by playing with his superband when they come to Edinburgh, which will be filmed for the new T mobile advert, READ ON!

This is the only scottish tour date.

You have to bring and play an instrument, whether that is a triangle, your voice or a trombone, come along and meet at the Ross Band Stand (in Princes Street Gardens) in Edinburgh on Wednesday the 25th of November 2009 between 11am and 3pm

There will be a short warm up jam, then everyone will join in the tour song, which we have a track, sheet music, tabs, lyrics for and it’s all availible online for you to look at (see below).

Don’t worry if you are not a master at your instrument, bring it anyway, play when you can and have fun! This will be filmed along with the other british dates for the new T mobile advert which will be on the tv around Christmas time.

We are really interested in brassbands, choirs, orchestras as well as indivudual musicians. PLEASE INVITE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW SO WE CAN GET AS MANY PEOPLE AS WE CAN TO COME ALONG. if you have any questions, just ask and hopefully we will see you all on the 25th.


follow these links to get all the music etc…

Everything you need to know:

Josh’s MySpace

Josh on Twitter

The lyrics and chords

Sheet music

PLEASE NOTE – OOTB is not affiliated with Josh or T-Mobile, however we do like to make you aware of opportunities for local musicians.

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