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So, I’ve finally managed to get hold of some information about our upcoming  “Out Of The Ordinary” event, which will be running on Saturday nights at The Montague Bar in Edinburgh throughout August, it looks like a fantastic lineup, you heard it here first.

Remember we’re still running our Tuesday nights as usual throughout the Festival as well, and you can get all the details of who the featured performers are on the left hand sidebar of the OOTB website. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s to come over the Festival:

Tue 2 Aug – OOTB featuring Calypso Brown

Sat 6 Aug  – Out of the Ordinary featuring Texas Breakfast, and Sir Tom Watton

Tue 9 Aug – OOTB featuring The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers

Sat 13 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Graeme Mearns, and Hannah O’Reilly

tue 16 Aug – OOTB featuring Paul Gilbody

Sat 20 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Calum Carlyle

Tue 23 Aug – OOTB featuring Caro Bridges and the River

Sat 27 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Lisa Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep

Tue 30 Aug – OOTB featuring Ben Young

Out Of The Ordinary

Out Of The Ordinary

OOTB Presents… Jamie Hay!

Posted 01/06/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents… Jamie Hay!

Ladies and gentlemen, this week at Out of the Bedroom, open slots from the most eclectic of Edinburgh’s songwriters plus a featured act set from one of Edinburgh’s most eclectic songwriters, it’s Jamie Hay!

All this for FREE. And that’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street at 8pm on Saturday 2 June.

And while i’ve got your attention i might just point you in the direction of this video (click here), it’s me performing one of my newest songs at Out of the Bedroom in April. Hope you enjoy!

Also, it’s the Meadows Festival this weekend, so let’s hope the weather stays nice.

See you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 465… Jill Hepburn ignites!

Posted 09/03/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents… Jill Hepburn!

Hi everybody. Right, it’s the talented and very personable Jill Hepburn performing the featured act slot this week (Saturday 10th of March) at The Montague Bar from 8pm, and if you’re quick enough you might get to sign up for one of our three song floorspots too, or just come along and soak up the pot pourri that is Edinburgh’s rich panoply of songwriters, plying their wares for free in front of your eyes and ears.

You know i was thinking about this, now that OOTB’s on a Saturday you have an excellent weekend of top quality openmicness going on EVERY WEEK. Check this out:

Fridays – The Ale House Open Mic Night from 9:30pm, at The Ale House on Clerk Street

Saturdays – Out of the Bedroom from 8pm at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street

Sundays – The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer from 8pm on Bread Street

There are a ton of other gigs of course, like Edinburgh Unlimited for example, which is on this coming Wednesday, for only £3 at The Third Door you can get the experience of having live acts perform as though they are performing privately just for you. And this month it’s on on Wednesday 14th of March at The Third Door at 8pm, and the acts will be Naledi Herman, Laurie Cameron and The Last of Barrett’s Privateers!

And here are the OOTB featured acts we’ve got lined up for the next couple of months, stick these in your diary…

Sat 10 March – Jill Hepburn – she’s awesome, and she owns a banjo!
Sat 17 March – Nyk Stoddart – psychedelic acoustic music, with Calum Carlyle on bass
Sat 24 March – Jamie and Shoony Eh – very vigorous newcomers to OOTB, total showmen
Sat 31 March – Damian Casey-Boyce – he actually wrote a theme song for OOTB!
Sat 7th April – The Ferny Brackens – wyrd folk music, with very varied song subjects
Sat 14 April – Colin Milne – His songs are full of real life humour and sometimes tragedy
Sat 21 April – Calum Carlyle – Acoustic anti-pop songs for the 21st century
Sat 28 April – Jo Wilson – he’s back from Pakistan, ready to entrance your brain with music
Sat 5th May – The Keep – an all star lineup which has already turned some heads
Sat 12th May – Laurie Cameron – a top flight performer and songwriter
Sat 19th May – John Watton – a truly gifted guitarist with a lot of great songs to boot!

So yeah, you pretty much need to come along to all of those! 🙂

I think that’s enough information for one week, see you out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 451 – It’s Matt Norris! OMG!

Posted 21/11/2011 By admin

Well, this week’s featured act practically needs no introduction, it’s Matt Norris! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Matt Norris as a solo act! As far as i know it’ll be a moonless night this Tuesday at The Montague Bar (from 8pm, or 7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots), so it should be very special indeed. Open slots as usual, silver bag of dreams, how could you live with yourself if you missed it?

Hey before i forget, i just saw this music related article on the BBC website earlier, and thought you might want to see it. Very interesting, i thought. It’s about music and memory.

Now, remember to check out the latest Labelled Independent podcast, link on the left hand side there, and also do you remember the Hog The Stage competition last year? Where an uncountable number of real local bands compete against each other to perform at the Hogmanay street celebrations? Last year’s winner was Kitty The Lion, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience, by all accounts. Well it’s happening again this year, under the new name of Hog The Street. So go and visit the site and vote for your favourites. If you’re a performer yourself, you can enter to try and win that coveted slot this year yourself. I’m even on there (vote for me! yay!)… So yeah, a good opportunity even if it does feel like a battle of the bands. 🙂

Okay this Thursday (24 Nov), for £3 (or £2 for students), at The City Cafe, there’s a new night called Acacity, it’s a new fornightly live acoustic night in the City2 at the City Cafe on Blair Street, and on the 24th it’s the incredible Stu Goodall Band headlining with support from The Aspect and Kerrie Lynch.

ALSO on Thursday 24 Nov at The Wee Red Bar, it’s a Party For Palestine fundraiser. It’s a 7pm start, it’s £3 to get in, with all takings going to the Right To Education Campaign at Birzeit University, Palestine and food is provided by the Mosque Kitchen.  Hip hop band Master System will be performing as will i (Calum Carlyle). There will also be some dabke dancing and a traditional performance on the oud, as well as a DJ set.

You know about the Thursday night folk session at The Ale House on Clerk Street at 9pm, and the Ale House open mic on Friday at 9:30pm, and also the Captain’s Bar have got music on every night, sessions, as well as gigs. I heartily recommend checking them out though they have too many listings for me to say here.


Something else i wanted to tell you about is an open mic called the Bannermans Acoustic Sunday Sessions which runs most weeks between 3pm and 8pm. The address is Bannermans Bar, 212 Cowgate, Edinburgh. The open mic is run by Ali Chisholm and Ritchie Beeby on alternate Sundays. Acoustic and electric guitars and percussion is provided. All musicians and instruments welcome from guitars to bagpipes,violins and beatboxers! We welcome one and all. The open mic is followed either by covers band Cranachan or on the first Sunday of the month by excellent blues band Jed Potts and the Hillman Hunters. all absolutely free!

Also on Sunday, as you know it’s The Listening Room from 8pm to 10pm in The Blue Blazer on the corner of Spittal and Bread streets. This week (Sunday 27 Nov) i want to draw particular attention to this because the featured act is Darcy DaSilva. She’s very good, and she’s from out of town, so don’t pass up this opportunity to hear her music in the intimate environs of the Blue Blazer. 

Also on Sunday 27 NovThe Last Of Barrett’s Privateers are supporting Loch Lomond at Sneaky Pete’s at 7:30pm, not sure what the admission cost is though (it didn’t say in the FB invite, though tickets will be available on the door). 

Yeah, that’s about it. I have a ton of December stuff to tell you about but i’ll get to that in the next couple of emails, so keep reading each week. And come along to OOTB, if you don’t you’re missing all the best stuff. 🙂

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 450 ft Dan Gillan

Posted 14/11/2011 By admin

Well, it’s OOTB 450 this week, but we feel as young as a fresh spring lamb, and this week we’re presenting the incredible Dan Gillan as the featured act! He’s deep, he’s purple (wait a minute! no he’s not, must have been some sort of spelling mistake there…), but above all, he’s a very good songwriter and performer. Not only that but you get tons of excellent performers doing floorspots as well. It’s possibly the best free night in Edinburgh at OOTB, and it’s the performers that make that happen, every single week! And that’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards St, at 8pm (7:30pm to sign up for a floorspot) on Tuesday.

While i remember, it’s November, and this means it’s NASALMO, which is a challenge to write and record an album all in the month of November. There are two or three OOTBers doing it, so they say, though so far i think i am the only Edinburgher actually uploading my songs onto the site. Anyway, check out the songs that have been written these last two weeks, and see what you think. You can help a lot by signing up to the site and giving your feedback on the songs. Songwriters love that sort of thing. Also, if you’re a songwriter, sign up and write an album, you’ve still got two weeks, what are you waiting for?

What else to tell you? The eighth Labelled Independent podcast is now online, conveniently linked to from the sidebar there on the left hand side of this email. Check it out.

Ah, i’m always mentioning the Ale House open mic on Fridays from 9:30pm and The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Sundays from 8pm (featured act from 9pm), but i need to mention some others to you too. For instance on Thursday there’s an open mic in Noble’s in Leith (from 8pm possibly?), also on Thursday there’s one in Walkabout at the Omni Centre (from 9pm i think), and there’s a folk session from 9:30pm on Thursdays in the Ale House on Clerk Street too.

This week there are tons of things on of course. Here’s a free gig at Noble’s in Leith on Friday at 9pm for example. And here’s a new event at The Auld Toll on Wednesday. Sounds like a good one. Hmm, Donna Maciocia’s band are launching their new EP on Saturday. That sounds pretty good, and it’s at 7pm at Sneaky Pete’s. Please let these gigs know you heard about them from OOTB by the way, it doesn’t hurt for our name to be out there, it promotes the spread of good music around the city and not just in its own wee circles.

No review this week, which is a pity. Obviously if you fancy writing a review of an OOTB night, just come along and do it, so long as i have it in my sweaty paws by the following Sunday, then it’ll go in the email and on the website.

That’s it, see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 449 ft Lisa Rigby

Posted 07/11/2011 By admin

Well, we might be the first ever Edinburgh open mic night to make it into a second decade! Anyway, it’s quite appropriate that the featured act bringing us into our second decade is none other than the smooth and sophisticated Lisa Rigby! She’s a proper star, that’s all i need to really say, and if you need any further reassurance of that fact, then pop along to OOTB tomorrow (Tue 8 Nov) and judge for yourself.

It’s an 8pm start (7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots). the open floorspots are allocated on a first come first served basis, they’re limited to three songs, fifteen minutes or less, and your performance must be entirely original material (no covers!). And that’s at the Montague Bar on the corner of Montague and St Leonards streets.

Then on Wednesday (9 Nov) it’s quite a huge edition of Edinburgh Unlimited, in Medina (now known as the Third Door), and that’s at 45 Lothian Street (near Bristo Square, next door to Negociants). It’s only two quid to get in, it’s an 8pm start (doors 8pm, music at 8:15pm), and this month the four bands are: Confushian, Supermarionation, Conscious Route, and Metaltech! Something for everyone. It’s going to be awesome, but don’t take my word for it, come along and hear for yourself.

And of course Friday is the Ale House open mic night from 9:30pm, and Sunday’s the Listening Room at The Blue Blazer from 8pm, both are free, both have open slots available, and both are guaranteed to be a boatload of musical fun and hi-jinks.

One last thing, just mentioning the Labelled Independent New Music podcast. It’s Edinburgh based, and it’s a platform to promote new original music, so have a listen! Also, if you’re a musician, maybe you could think about contacting Steve Boniface, who runs the podcast, and get yourself featured in an episode. 

That’s it, see you on Tuesday, on Wednesday, and beyond! 

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB Presents… OOTB 447 with Dale Radley + a lot of other stuff!

Right, i’ve got tons of stuff to tell you this week, so here goes…

Okay, it’s Dale Radley who’s our featured artiste at OOTB this Tuesday (25 October) at The Montague Bar, she’s really very good. Go and google her if you don’t already know this, but remember to come along to OOTB and hear her performing live for half an hour, and it’s free! Also, there are tons of open floorspots as usual, and they tend to get quickly filled up with excellent performers, so you’re getting an excellent night out, for free. And that’s 8pm at The Montague Bar (7:30pm to sign up for a floorspot).

Next, just a couple of reminders, next week (Tue 1 Nov) it’s our big covers night at OOTB so learn some cover songs, preferably of other OOTB performers. Also, i’ll just specify that you CAN still do your own songs. OOTB will never prohibit you from doing your own songs, that’s what we’re here for. But for one night only, to celebrate our tenth anniversary, it’s covers night NEXT week.

Also next week, on Friday 4 November, it’s the big OOTB tenth anniversary extravaganza at Cabaret Voltaire, it’s a fiver to get in, and you can buy tickets in advance here. And the acts performing on the night will be: Rossco Galloway, Fraser Drummond, James Whyte and Caro Bridges!

Right, back to this week, remember to go to the Ale House open mic on Friday, it’s on Clerk Street opposite the old Odeon and it starts at 9:30pm.

Then on Saturday 29th October there’s an event on at 7:30pm in the Dalmeny Street Drill Hall (on Dalmeny Street, not surprisingly) in association with Word Power Books. There will be a gaelic singing choir, some readings from various books, by their authors, and i (Calum Carlyle) will be doing a live set too. There’s a bar, and admission is free. They actually are running a Radical Book Festival for several days, and this is just one event, so check out the list of stuff, plenty of it is free.

Oh yes! And i also wanted to just mention that at OOTB we’re always looking for people to compere the evening, to do the sound desk, possibly even to write reviews. We do the compering and the sound desk on a rota basis, so if you’re interested in doing these things, then let us know, by speaking to us at The Montague, or by replying to this email, and let us know your availability and we’ll stick you on the rota. We won’t fling you in the deep end, obviously we’ll have an old hand from OOTB there to assist you, but yes, it’s always good to get some new blood surging through our ten year old musical veins!

And just so you know, the next Secret CDs will feature: Jill Hepburn, Freeloadin’ Frank, Norman Lamont and the Invisible Helpers, and Ballboy.

And the next Edinburgh Unlimited will feature: Confushian, Conscious Route, Supermarionation, and Metaltech.

But i’ll give you those details in full in the next couple of OOTB emails. Till then, keep on chooglin’…
Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

Better late than never, eh?

Right well this week at OOTB, the featured act is Naledi Herman! She’s got a great voice, and she’s written some fantastic songs. Also we’ll have the cream of Edinburgh’s songwriting community performing in the open floorspots too, so get yourself along to The Montague Bar tomorrow (Tue 11 October) evening for that, it’s an 8pm start (7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots).

I’ll give you the rest of this week’s listings but DON’T GO AWAY, because i’ve got some important stuff for you nearer the bottom of this email.

Right, on Wednesday it’s the next installment in the Edinburgh Unlimited saga, if the good lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise, the lineup for this month’s Edinburgh Unlimited will be: Chris Yendell (he’s great, you’ll have seen him at OOTB recently), Calypso Brown (she’s also great, you’ll have heard her at OOTB recently, as well as elsewhere), Luke Scott Dumper (again, he’s great, why would we book him otherwise? He’s come all the way from Plymouth for this gig!), and The Whiskey Priest (he’s here from the USA, on tour in the UK promoting his new CD album and this is his only Edinburgh gig). All that for ONLY £2, and it’s at Medina (or The Third Door, i think they might now be calling it) (it’s next door to Negociants, anyway) at 45 Lothian Street on Wednesday 12 October at 8pm.

On Thursday, i don’t know about you but i’m going to the Cameo at 7pm to see Scorsese’s new George Harrison documentary.

On Friday, there’s the Ale House open mic night, at The Ale House on Clerk Street, opposite the old Odeon, and it starts at 9:30pm, it’s always a stoater of a night so if you’re on the fence, just go along, it’s great.

Then on Saturday Sir Tom Watton, and yours truly (Calum Carlyle), rock the Ale House. I think it’ll be 10pm onwards, something like that. Might be 9pm. 🙂 It will no doubt be drunken fun and hilarity, anyway.

Then on Sunday at The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer, the featured act is Sir Tom Watton! He’s a busy chap. He’s also very good, so come along. It starts at 8pm with some (notably excellent i’m sure) floorspots, and then it’s Sir Tom Watton to follow.

right, here’s that important stuff i mentioned. You all know by now that in a few weeks we celebrate OOTB’s tenth anniversary! Well, here are the details of our big tenth anniversary extravaganza. It’s only a fiver, and you get four full length sets from performers down the years, plus tons of other OOTB related fun and games. It’s at the Cab Vol Speakeasy on Friday 4 Nov, at 7pm (don’t be late, seriously, it’s going to be prompt!) – Now, we know some of you no longer live in Edinburgh so please get in touch (by replying to this email) if you want to crash at somebody’s house OR if you can offer to have somebody crash at your house, then please also get in touch, we’ll do our best to put you all in touch with each other and it’ll all be smiley faces all round.

That same week we’re having our ONLY covers night of 2011 at The Montague Bar on 1 November, so learn those covers now, don’t leave it to the last minute! We particularly enjoy covers of other OOTB performers, so don’t be shy to email or IM each other asking for chords, lyrics etc. Covers of your favourite recording artistes, and of course your own original material are also allowed, but for one night only, 1 November will be covers night at OOTB.

By the way i really want to mention a couple of things about OOTB, i get emails asking me this the entire time, so let me just say: We don’t pre-book any slots except the featured act slot, the slots go on a first come, first served basis on the night, no exceptions. Also, we have a longstanding policy of only giving featured act slots to performers who have played a few times (at least) at OOTB in one of the “normal” slots. That’s just for your information, folks. 🙂

Also, i think i mentioned this last time, but there’s a very nice chap promoting local music on his podcast, here’s the blurb:
Steve Boniface – Labelled Independent, the New Music Podcast. Episode #5 Out Now!
Subscribe to the podcast
Listen to individual episodes
Find links to all our featured Labels, Artists & Events
Donate to the podcast, and win prizes!

Also, i wanted to mention this other thing too, from Scottish Connection, it’s a weekly video broadcast on the web, featuring local Edinburgh songwriters, one each week, every Friday night at 9pm, it’s a two hour show, check it out!
It’s called Scottish Connection Online  and obviously if you’re a performer then that’s even more reason to get to know about all this stuff.

Okay, i can tell that’s about all you want to see me type this week, so take care, bon voyage, and happy trails for now…

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom

Welcome to the week!

This week at Out of the Bedroom (tomorrow, Tuesday 21 June), the featured act is Neoviolet, with the classic lineup of Nicky, Georgie and Calum. Relive the old days, or rediscover Neoviolet, it’s going to be a fun night either way. 8pm start, at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, 7:30pm if you want to perform, and it’s free admission.

Now, Tom Watton wrote a review of last week’s OOTB! You can read it here on our website. You could listen to some of our free mp3s while you read it, in fact…

Speaking of which, the next thing i’m going to do is give you all the featured mp3 downloads in one lump. Tell all your friends because by the end of June, these songs will all be gone from the Internet. I suggest you download them all now, and when you listen to them please look up the artists you like, and consider buying their CDs or other product. These aren’t big artistes, your purchase will put a smile on their faces and money in their wallets. Support grass roots music, honestly, if you can afford to pay to get into gigs, and you can afford drinks when you get there, you can afford some CDs of bands that you genuinely like. Often you get only one or two chances to get somebody’s CD, because you never know when you’ll next see them. So make the effort, tell all your friends about these free mp3s while they’re available and everybody wins. Let’s face it the performers deserve and need your money more than the pubs or breweries do.

Consider this our equivalent of Ten Tracks (except ours is free, and there are twelve tracks). Here they are:

Paper Truth – Dead White Males
The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band – Pop Culture Bore
Darren Thornberry and Ross Baird – Would You Do It Again?
Francie Jones – Los Angeles
Lorraine McCauley – Haunt Me
Tim Holehouse – A Rainy Thursday In Augsburg
Lindsay and the Storm – Time Stands Still
Aaron Shanley – Here Without You
Calum Carlyle – In All Things There Is A Proper Order
Tina Avery – Travel Writing
Lorelei Loveridge – What You’ve Seen
Nick Splinter Smith – Patience Has Left The Building

Not a huge amount of events this week (well, there are, probably tons and tons, but i haven’t got a lot of OOTB related ones for you. Here’s what i do have:

Tonight (Monday 20 June) it’s Paper Truth‘s CD launch at the Montague Bar, here’s the FB event, but it’s free and it’s at 8pm (i’m fairly certain).

Tomorrow (Tuesday 21 June) it’s Neoviolet unplugged, doing the featured artiste slot, and tons of open slots too, 8pm, Montague Bar, and it’s free.

That’s it, really. The Ale House open mic is still on on Fridays at the Ale House on Clerk Street, from 9:30pm, and the Listening Room is still on Sundays at the Blue Blazer, from 8pm (with featured act on at 9pm). Both are free. If you’ve been missing them, then stop it, and drag yourself along, you’ll enjoy it. And bring your friends too, they’ll enjoy it as well, and you’ll enjoy it more. And buy the bands’ CDs too, similar reasons.

Okay, i think that’s it for this week! 🙂

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

Hi everybody,

Okay first of all let me present to you the final of our “featured mp3s” – all good things, and all that, and you’ve hopefully had the chance to hear some OOTB performers you’d not heard before.

Anyway, this week’s featured MP3 is by Lindsay & The Storm, from their CD album “Behind Us Is Water” the song’s called “Time Stands Still”.

Lindsay & The Storm – Time Stands Still

(right click to save)

Lindsay & The Storm are the featured act at Out of the Bedroom this Tuesday, and they’re also performing at The Village on Monday too, more details below…


Well, there are a lot of events on the list this week, here are some of them. Click the links! Hear the music! (those links take ages to put in in the first place…)

Sunday 12 June – Man Gone Missing at The Listening Room – 8pm – free
The excellent ethereal blues of Man gone Missing from 9-10pm, following an open mic from 8-9pm.

Monday 13 June – Matt Norris & The Moon + Caro Bridges & The River + Lindsay & The Storm + Calum & The Mixed Reactions + Sir Tom Watton at The Village – 7:30pm – £5/4
What more can i say, these five acts, for a total of a fiver.
Matt Norris & The Moon
Caro Bridges & The River
Lindsay & The Storm
Calum Carlyle & The Mixed Reactions
Sir Tom Watton
How can you say no? It’s at The Village on South Fort Street in Leith at 7:30pm on Monday evening as part of the Leith Festival.

Tuesday 14 June – OOTB 428 featuring Lindsay & The Storm! 8pm – free
Casting a mystical spell over audiences wherever they go, it’s Lindsay & The Storm! plus tons of open slots (which will be filled with eclectic and breathtaking performers, no doubt) – it’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street and it’s free to get in.

Tuesday 14 June – Open Mic in Glasgow!
For everyone who’s going to be stuck in Glasgow on Tuesday, and unable to attend OOTB, this looks like a good alternative, at The Box, from 9pm. According to the Facebook, they also have £2 pound drinks too (which doesn’t sound like much of an incentive to me, but you know…)

Wednesday 15 June – Calum Carlyle and Sir Tom Watton at The Blind Poet – 10pm – free
From 10pm this all star pair play tag-team on the Blind Poet stage, free admission, so come along and join in the fun. That’s at 10pm at The Blind Poet on West Nicholson Street.

Thursday 16 June
Catch up on your TV and reading, and get some rest, you’ll need your energy for….

Friday 17 June – Supermarionation at Whistle Binkies – 7:30pm – free
A free set from lovable hard rockers Supermarionation! Rock on!

Friday 17 June – Rhythm Beats Workin’ + Babylon Dub Punks at Nobles Bar – 9:30pm – free
When you’ve finished rocking out to Supermarionation, come along to this free gig in Leith at Nobles and kick back a bit with these two bands. 9:30pm start.

Friday 17 June – Caro Bridges & The River + The Machine Room + John Taylor + Yesterday Today at Electric Circus – 5pm to 10pm – free
Holy Creamoley! Another free gig on Friday??? Again, this one pretty much speaks for itself, sounds like quality entertainment to me. Electric Circus on Market Street from 5pm till 10pm.

Friday 17 June – Jacques Labouchere at The Forest Cafe – 7pm – free

Jacques Labouchere is on tour, and playing at The Forest, so that means this is also free.

Sunday 19 June – Echo Arcadia + Monsters On Movie Posters + The Surf Coats + So Watt + Last Man Frees All + Rachel Morrison + Jade Keir + Xander Duffy at Maggie’s Chamber – 3pm-10pm – £4
This is a Busking For Cancer event, so all the money raised goes to Cancer Research. looks like a marathon with tons of talented performers, starts 3pm on Sunday afternoon, and continues till 10pm.

I also wanted to mention that next Monday (20 June)Paper Truth is launching his CD at The Montague Bar (yes! The very same!) at 8pm, so be there!

Right, that’s probably well into information overload, but hope to see you at all of those gigs, and i’ll be back in your inbox next week to reveal that Neoviolet are going back to basics and playing next week’s OOTB featured act slot as a trio of all three of the founder members.

Take care out there in Musicland!


Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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