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What’s On This Week?

Posted 05/10/2010 By admin

Hi everybody! People still say to me “oh i’ll need to get myself along to OOTB sometime”, which is very supportive of them, but a wee message to all those people, we’ve not actually been running OOTB nights for four weeks now. Just so you know. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back. In the meantime, here are a few things that are on this week that you might wish to try out…

Tonight (Tuesday) it’s Acoustic Edinburgh at Medina. It’s free, and it’s the first Tuesday of each month (which means it’s probably too late to go for this month by the time you read this, but you’ll know for next time). Paul Gladwell’s playing tonight and Gary Stewart’s headlining, and there are a few other acts too.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), it’s Secret CDs at the Voodoo Rooms. As far as i know this is the first time Secret CDs has been at the Voodoo Rooms, and this is one gig i won’t be missing. Here’s who’s playing: Joe Viterbo, this is the band that features Ralph Speed and Graeme Mearns. That’s pretty much all the information you need to know that this will be well worth coming out for. Sacre Noir are on too, again, not to be missed. I remember their first gig at the Wee Red Bar fondly, and they’ve gone from strength to strength since. Amy Duncan‘s on too! Holy crap how does Mr Igoe get such great lineups at his gigs? Showing my age a little, but mt first experience of Amy Duncan was as part of the Edinburgh trio Automatic Earth, which featured Neil Dixon, back in the 20th century. She’s great, so come along. ANd finally, Hailey Beavis who is part of the Forest Records Collective, and i generally have been very impressed with everything from them that i’ve heard, and i bet you will too. Doors open at 7.30 p.m. and entry will be a ridiculously cheap £3 with a special offer of £1 discount on your first CD purchase of the evening.

This always happens, two come along at once! Also tomorrow (Wednesday), it’s Matt Norris And The Moon and Edward And The Itch at Maggie’s Chamber, as part of the This Is Not A Toga Party night, think it’s £3 on the door, doors are open 8pm, and there’s another band on (sorry! Haven’t got the info to hand), tell them who you heard about the gig from when you go.

On Thursday, in the Jazz Bar, it’s Roberta Pia’s Unpeeled night, starring: Emily Scott, Donna Maciocia, William Douglas And The Wheel and Lee Paterson. Also, you get to see the Too Much Fun Club creating art before your eyes. So that’s all really good, and it’s £4 to get in, or £3 for students. And tell them where you heard about the gig too, please. 🙂 – oh yes, the first fifty attendees get a “winner” medal, apparently.

On Friday it’s the McEwan’s Ale House Open Mic of course, always a good one, i’ve only heard good things about it.

Then on Sunday, (10 October) the featured act at The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer is Dave Robertson aka Heroin In A Nutshell, all the way from Perth. You very rarely get to hear him performing in Edinburgh, so don’t miss him. His stuff’s like energetic acoustic rock. It’ll get your cardiovascular system going. And it’s free. 8pm for the open mic section, 9pm for Dave Robertson’s set.

Then next Tuesday it’s the Regent Showcase, again, always a good one. 8:30pm start, and it’s a right rollicking selection of Edinburgh’s burgeoning acoustic talent.

That’s about it for now, if you’ve got an OOTB related gig to tell everybody about, then let me know, i’ll also tell you about any updates to the Itinerant OOTB saga as and when we get them, but until then, rock on!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

The Himalaya Shop, 20 South Clerk Street
£3 in, £2 food

“Featuring side projects from the city’s finest names in independent music.”

with Horsebreaker www.myspace.com/thebandhorsebreaker

Wear a hat to OOTB this week!

Posted 11/05/2010 By admin

It’s Hannah O’Reilly this week, playing a solo featured artiste set, without her band, Augustalia. Stripped bare as it were! Come along and hear Hannah’s particular brand of sassy songs. That’s this Thursday at Out of the Bedroom in the sub-sub-basement bar of The Tron. And as a special bonus I’m declaring this week HAT WEEK, so if you’ve got a hat, no matter how outlandish or discreet, please wear it to Out of the Bedroom this week to show that a) you read this and b) you’ve got a bit of a sense of fun!

More imminently, tonight at The Regent Bar (it’s just at the top of Abbeymount), Cameron Phair is running his second Regent Bar Showcase, it’s an acoustic extravaganza. The first one was last month and it was a great success. It’s free, and it starts at 8:30pm tonight, so go along and check it out.

So of course you’ll be along to The Tron on Thursday, but on Friday, if you happen to be in Glasgow, you could go and see the excellent Machar Granite, who you may have heard at Out of the Bedroom, performing at the Glasgow O2 Arena. Contact them using the link above if you would like tickets.

Then on Saturday, at The Lot, in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket,
Neoviolet are playing an exclusive gig, with the full five piece line up. I’m certainly looking forward to it! Support is from Julia and the Doogans (who you may have heard on BBC Radio 1’s Vic Galloway Show) and Becky Gowans. Tickets are £6 on the door, but I have heard you can get a noticeable discount if you order them in advance, get in touch with Neoviolet through their MySpace for more info.

While I’m here, I’ll just mention something that’s happening next Tuesday at The Southern Bar at 22 South Clerk Street, it’s a free gig featuring Sam Barber And The Outcasts, who you may have heard at OOTB and similar evenings, and Seafield Foxes, who I really enjoyed when I heard them at Henry’s last week, and there are two other bands playing as well (sorry! Didn’t get their names).

Also, if you’re free, and in Edinburgh this Friday and/or Sunday, pop in to the McEwans Ale House Open Mic on Nicolson Street on Friday (starts at 9pm) or The Listening Room, at the Blue Blazer on Spittal Street on Sunday (starts at 8pm). They’re both great nights out, and are both free.

We’re Back! OOTB 407: 18 Jan 2011

Posted 14/12/2010 By admin

We’re Back!

Finally, Out of the Bedroom number 407 is going to go ahead in our new home, The Montague (formerly known as The Maltings), on Montague Street. OOTB 407 will be on Tuesday 18th January 2011 at 8pm, and OOTB will be running on a weekly basis every Tuesday at 8pm after that. Our first night at The Montague will be entirely open mic slots but we’re hoping to bring back our trademark featured act slots very shortly too, and of course, this list is where you’ll hear all the details first.

Please turn up in person at The Montague by 7:30pm on the night if you’d like a slot in the open mic part of the evening, and since we’ve not been running the night for a while it’s worth quickly reiterating our house rules, we don’t sign up slots for people who aren’t there in person (ie: if they ‘phone ahead, or send a mate along with promises of being there later), and we ask that every performer performs only their own original material (specifically: no covers!). The slots are handed out on a first-come-first-served basis and amendments to this are at the discretion of the host on the night.

Okay, without further ado, let me get on with telling you what’s on this week.

Tonight (Tuesday 14th Dec) it’s the Inky Fingers open mic night at Forest Cafe, it’s for “not just prose and poetry and everything in between, but also songs, comedy sets, experiments and just about anything else.” and it’s run by a staunch Orkneyman named Harry Giles. Check their site first though, because he prefers you to get in touch prior to turning up i think. This month’s featured performers are Andrew C. Ferguson, a Writers’ Bloc regular and master performance storyteller, and Dave Coates, a “dark and deep” poet. Free entry, 8pm start i think.

On Wednesday 15 Dec (tomorrow), for a fiver, you can go to Joe Viterbo’s Christmas party gig at Sneaky Pete’s on the Cowgate, at 7pm, and Seneka will also be performing. Sounds like a high energy evening.

On Thursday 16 December, don’t miss “A Christmas Concert“, featuring Matt Norris and Caro Bridges, and from what i’ve heard, an enormous amount of other good, and familiar, performers too. It’s at The Lot (which is closing soon, in yet another sad Edinburgh gig venue closes story, so don’t miss this opportunity to go and see a gig there while you can) in the Grassmarket, it’s a fiver, but i suspect the amount of music and enjoyment will be worth far more than any amount of money. And it’s a 7pm start.

Okay, on Friday 17th there’s a Christmas Special at Noble’s on Constitution Street in Leith, hosted by Tucker and the Scattered Family. It will feature The Stormy Seas, The Douglas Kay Band, Pookah, Tucker & the Scattered Family, Ten Gallon Bratz and Paul Gilbody. It’s an 8:30pm start and it’s free to get in.

Also on Friday 17 Dec, at the Wee Red Bar (at the College of Art), for only £2 (if you buy your ticket in advance) it’s Curators, Scrap Brain and Jump Press A and Jump Press A will be recording and videoing for a live EP and videos, so get yourself into a piece of history! And it’s a 7pm start.Also on Friday 17 Dec, at Pilrig St Paul’s (which is a church, about halfway down Leith Walk, opposite the end of Iona Street), it’s the Stars In Their Eyes Christmas Special, starring Withered Hand, Broken Records, Meursault, Jesus H Foxx, Eagleowl and many more. It’s going to be special, because all the bands are dressing up and playing covers. It’s a fiver admission, bring your own booze!

On Saturday 18 Dec at 9pm you can go and hear a rare (though slightly less rare these days i hope!) solo performance by Peter Michael Rowan at the Captain’s Bar on South College Street. Last time i heard Pete was when he supported John Gomm, and i can say he’s well worth checking out. It’s free as well by the way.

On Sunday 19 Dec, it’s the final Listening Room of the year, with no featured act, due to it being the end of year special. No Listening Room for two weeks after this! So it’s well worth attending. It’s at the Blue Blazer on the corner of Bread and Spittal Streets, it’s free and it’s an open mic from 8-9pm and the featured act from 9-10pm.

And next week, there’s something very special on Tuesday 21 Dec (which is of course the Winter Solstice), out in Roslin, you can hear Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands live in Rosslyn Chapel, with the proceeds going towards aid in Mali. It’s 7pm at Rosslyn Chapel, and there will also be performances from Souriba Kanoute (a Senegalese Kora player), John Langan (Celcit Connections open stage winner) and a 27 piece choir! It’s a 7pm start and tickets are £12, and are limited to 100, so do book now.

Until i do get round to starting some sort of separate section which just lists the regular stuff that happens every week, here’s pretty much a copypasta of last week’s list:

On Fridays at McEwans Ale House on Clerk Street from 9:30pm it’s the McEwans open mic night, a really good one. On Sundays it’s the Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Bread and Spittal Streets, open mic (though there’s no PA and no mic!) from 8-9pm and a featured act from 9pm till 10pm. Then afterwards, also on Sundays, go along to Espionage at the top of Victoria Street for an open mic night beginning at 10pm run by Jason Kyrone. I’m assured it’s welcoming, endearing and ambient, so do go along. On Mondays, at the Captain’s Bar on South College Street, they have an open mic night (no PA, just one mic and an optional piano), starting at 7pm.

Also Jason Kyrone runs a weekly showcase at Espionage on Mondays (also at 10pm i believe, so perfect for going to after the Captain’s Bar). Also on Mondays, at the Parlour Bar in Leith on Duke Street at 8pm there’s an acoustic jam session, and in the same place on Thursdays theres an open mic at 8pm as well, with a free drink for every performer. On Tuesdays, the Captain’s Bar has the Mike Bennett and Kirsty Jacqueline Lingard Music Open Session, and they have folk sessions on Fridays at 8pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm. Be aware there are a lot of other regular nights on. I’ll try and update you as best i am able.

In other news, you can now get the new single by Three Long Words as a CD single or a download, from iTunes, Amazon etc, or from going to see them live of course. More details on their website.

That’s about it, hope to see you all at some event or other before we wind down for a (probably snowed in) Christmas (and Hannukah, Solstice etc etc) and New Year season, and definitely hope to see you all at OOTB when we relaunch in January.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom


Venue move!

Posted 31/01/2009 By admin


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ve rather suddenly become unable to use the Canon’s Gait as a venue for Out of the Bedroom. As such, OOTB is taking a short sabbatical and will return on Tuesday 17th February 2009 at the Tron Ceilidh House in Hunter Square. This will be our new venue, and our new day (Tuesday), so come along on the 17th and join in our “housewarming” in the Tron.

To reiterate – There are no more Out of the Bedroom nights at the Canon’s Gait, despite what you may have heard to the contrary. The Tron is where it’s at from now on, beginning on Tuesday 17th February. See you there. Head all the way down the stairs into the cool cellar bar.

Upcoming OOTB Featured Acts

Posted 18/01/2011 By admin

Hi everybody, just thought i’d tell you about the featured acts we’ve got lined up for the next few weeks, click their myspace links for a preview of what to expect. I hope you’ll agree this is a tempting pot pourri of performers, so we hope to see you at OOTB enjoying these free performances, as well as soaking in the OOTB atmosphere.

18 January – OOTB 407 – The Triumphal Return

25 January – OOTB 408 – Robert Burns Night

1 February – OOTB 409 – Cameron Phair and HP

8 February – OOTB 410 – Caro Bridges and the River

15 February – OOTB 411 – Tim Holehouse

22 February – OOTB 412 – Paper Truth

1 March – OOTB 413 – James Whyte

8 March – OOTB 414 – James Igoe

15 March – OOTB 415 – Atomic Pigeon

22 March – OOTB 416 – Colin Milne

Friday 29 May TRIANGLE Magazine Launch at the Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic

Music, Poetry and Geometry under the same glass roof…

It’s free but book now for this extraordinary event by sending an email with
the names of attendees to: bookings@brownwilliams.org.

See www.brownwilliams.org for more information and the magazine itself.

The Secret Bedroom – 31st March 2010

Posted 12/03/2010 By admin

The Secret Bedroom, Wednesday 31st March, 7.00pm, Voodoo Rooms Ballroom


The Secret Bedroom

The Secret Bedroom 31st March 2010

Edinburgh open mic night Out Of The Bedroom has been encouraging local acts to take their songs out of the bedroom and onto the stage since 2001 and is something of an institution in the Capital. Together with Secret CDs, a website and monthly music night which showcases local talent, OOTB is putting on an exciting fundraising gig on Wednesday, 31st March at top Edinburgh music venue The Voodoo Rooms called The Secret Bedroom.  Doors open at 7.00 p.m. and entry price is £5.

“The Secret Bedroom is a great mix of local up-and-coming talent alongside an already successful local band who will headline the show” commented Publicity Officer Cameron Robinson.  “The idea is to reel people in with the familiar headliners, and then knock their socks off with top quality, little known support acts. On top of that, we are really excited to prove to people that if you are a local musician just starting up and thinking of giving it a bash, then taking part in and supporting OOTB is a real way into the scene, and a framework to move on to bigger and better gigs in the future.  And who knows what from there…?”

Local Edinburgh-based groove trio gecko 3 will be headlining the night and are ten year veterans of the Edinburgh Music scene. Their exploits include gigs in the US and across mainland Europe as well as collaborations with many of the UK’s top musicians including KT Tunstall. Support for the evening comes in the form of a choice crop of capital talent featuring Matt Norris & the Moon, Emily Scott and The Beggar Girls.

Doors are at 7.00pm and entry fee is £5

So, I’ve finally managed to get hold of some information about our upcoming  “Out Of The Ordinary” event, which will be running on Saturday nights at The Montague Bar in Edinburgh throughout August, it looks like a fantastic lineup, you heard it here first.

Remember we’re still running our Tuesday nights as usual throughout the Festival as well, and you can get all the details of who the featured performers are on the left hand sidebar of the OOTB website. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s to come over the Festival:

Tue 2 Aug – OOTB featuring Calypso Brown

Sat 6 Aug  – Out of the Ordinary featuring Texas Breakfast, and Sir Tom Watton

Tue 9 Aug – OOTB featuring The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers

Sat 13 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Graeme Mearns, and Hannah O’Reilly

tue 16 Aug – OOTB featuring Paul Gilbody

Sat 20 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Calum Carlyle

Tue 23 Aug – OOTB featuring Caro Bridges and the River

Sat 27 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Lisa Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep

Tue 30 Aug – OOTB featuring Ben Young

Out Of The Ordinary

Out Of The Ordinary


featuring: Robert Crawford, Gerry McGrath, Julia Rampen, JL Williams
“Poetry at the Great Grog has moved to the Jekyll & Hyde Pub (the ‘cellar

bar’) at 112 Hanover Street, on the left hand side of the road, between

George Street and Queen Street.
Hear some of the best poetry in the UK in a great atmospheric environment.

Entry cost is by donation (suggestion of £3).”

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