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Edinburgh gigs during the Festival…

For your information, here’s a note received from someone other than the Edinburgh Free Fringe that some of you may be interested in. OOTB doesn’t take responsibility for the accuracy of this message.

If anyone is interested in playing in the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival and/or slots on the Pear Tree garden stage in August check out  www.freefestival.co.uk and email alex@laughinghorse.co.uk

If you fancy performing in the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and/or on the Pear Tree garden stage in August, drop the organiser Alex Petty a line: alex@laughinghorse.co.uk  It’s great fun, you do not have to pay extortionate fees to hire a venue at festival time and your only real outlay is £20 for single shows or £40 for multiple shows in the Free Festival programme and website.

PS: Apologies but I made a mistake with the cost of advertising in the Edinburgh Fringe programme … not sure where I got the £70 figure from but it’s a quite a bit more than that, especially now that the 27th March early bird discount deadline has passed. So this bit of the message is incorrect:

If you are really keen you can also pay £70 for a one off entry in the Fringe Festival programme which could boost your audience numbers and pay for flyers with which you can merrily annoy locals and tourists alike, but Alex can tell you more about all of that.

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  1. Ping from Peter Buckley Hill:

    Sorry; this note is NOT from the Free Fringe, as you state. The Free Fringe is a completely separate organisation, founded in 1996 and registered as a non-profit company. It has nothing to do with Alex Petty and his “Free Festival”. The difference may mean nothing to you, but it means a great deal to us. We wouldn’t want our offering to be confused with theirs.

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