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OOTB – 31 Days Till You Know What

Hi everybody,

You know it just occurred to me that this might be the first year since OOTB began that we’ve not had an Out of the Bedroom Christmas Extravaganza of some sort. Luckily the Lot Acoustic Showcase are having one, featuring highly entertaining Tigertown favourites Matt Norris and the Moon, and Caro Bridges and the River. That’s not happening till the 16th of December though, so let’s deal with this week in the meantime…

Tonight at Forest Cafe it’s the second Inky Fingers open mic, mainly poets i believe, though they are definitely open to all kinds of performers (I know this for sure now, having chatted with Harry who runs Inky Fingers, at the Word of Mouth open mic night last Friday (which was excellent by the way). So go along, it’s Forest so it’s free, and it’s an 8pm start i think.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 24th November) it’s the long awaited (by me anyway!) Lot Acoustic Showcase featuring Lipsync For A Lullaby, Hannah Wermuller, Arran Arctic, and Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions. By the way, this gig isn’t technically an EP launch, but it is actually the first real chance you’ve got to buy a copy of my new mini-album “Another Side of Calum Carlyle”, so it’s kind of sort of an EP launch. It’s just there are a lot of EP launches around recently, with Hannah O’Reilly/Augustalia’s one last week (which i ended up watching on ustream.com actually! How hi-tech of me!), and Supermarionation and Three Long Words this week, and then Lorraine McCauley next week, so I just thought i might jump on the EP launch party  bandwagon! 🙂   Do come along tomorrow, it’s at The Lot at 7pm, it’s £5 or £4 concession.

Last week’s “Magic Letters” gig with the debut appearance of Caro Bridges and the River was great by the way, and it’s encouraged me to use the Royal Oak for further similar gigs in the future, so watch this space for low cost high quality acoustic giggage at The Oak in the new year…

On Friday it’ll be the McEwan’s Ale House open mic night again, a relaxed open mic in a relaxed pub. Always a nice atmosphere. 9:30pm i think, and it’s on Clerk Street opposite the old Odeon.

On Saturday 27th Nov, Eagleowl, Found, Dan Haywood’s New Hawks, Iona Marshall, Wounded Knee, The Oates Field and more are playing at a Leith Tape Club special on a boat in Leith. It’s at Cruz, right down the watery end of Leith. It’s £8 and it’s 2pm till 10pm on Saturday.

Also on Saturday 27th Nov, it’s Sneakyfest, at Sneaky Pete’s, Cabaret Voltaire and Electric Circus. A Fight You Can’t Win are playing, and so are Come On Gang, Aaron Wright and the Aprils, Kid Canaveral and tons of others. You’ll have to google it i’m afraid, too many details for me to give you here, and if you’re determined to go, i think ten seconds on google is probably something you’ll be willing to endure.

On Sunday 28th Nov, at The Listening Room, in the Blue Blazer on Bread Street, at 8pm till 10pm, there’s the usual open mic night, and then Underclass are the featured act. This should be interesting, as far as i know they’re quite an electric band. Also, Neoviolet‘s drummer Angus fully recommended them to me, so i’ll be making sure i don’t miss that anyway.


On November 28th at 8pm UK a bunch of US artists will
be doing a live broadcast performance of a selection POL Arida songs. The
concert will be live on various internet radio stations and you can listen
live here  http://www.cultx.com/livestream.html  at 8pm. Songs covered
will include “Winning” “Deathbed Lovesong” (which is being covered
by LA`s hottest solo act Craig Lyons) “Love Confessions of a Serial
Killer” and many more. This is a very flattering (and humbling) tribute
to a songwriter from Edinburgh and should be worth a listen. POL Arida`s
website is now well into the top million sites worldwide and in the top
200 featuring solo musicians. Currently his web site gets more UK traffic
than U2.com. SOURCE = http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/cultx.com#

For the history behind this `never out of the bedroom` songwriter go here

On Mondays, there’s the new Captain’s Bar open mic night of course, from 7pm, as mentioned last week. It’s not got a PA, but it does have one mic for vocals and a piano if required.

Also on Mondays, in the Parlour Bar on Duke Street in Leith,a fairly new jam session evening called Homemade jam, hosted by Andy Lang every Monday from 8pm. Everyone that turns up gets a pint or glass of wine.

Next week, one or two things to mention in advance, Supermarionation are launching their EP at The Electric Circus on Wednesday 1st December from 7-10pm, with Lee Paterson and Otaku playing support. Its £4 in advance/£6 on the door and tickets can be gotten from http://goo.gl/H9aR plus , everyone buying a ticket will receive a full retail copy of the EP on CD.

Also on 1st December Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands are launching their excellent EP “Haunt Me” at Coda Music Shop on the Mound at 6pm. They’ll be playing live, and providing mince pies and mulled wine, then at 7pm, it’s drinks next door at the Deacon Brodie.

Next Friday (3rd December), Three Long Words are launching their EP with a gig at Calton Studios on Calton Road at 7pm. Tickets are £6 in advance, as far as i can see, you need to buy them from one of the band members, though their EP is available online.

Also next Friday 3rd December, the highly characteristic Matt Midgley (Matt James as he used to be known) is playing a gig at Maggie’s Chamber on the Cowgate, with support starting at 7pm. I’ll give you next week’s ones again though in next week’s email.

So yes, another busy week in music, and if you miss it, you’ll miss it! I’d advise against that. 🙂

See you all out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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