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OOTB 321 – 6 Nov 2008

OOTB 321 – 6 Nov 2008

Now, the review from this week, brough to you by Steve Osborne, who is
brought to you by Calum Carlyle, who is…

OOTB 321 Out of the Campfire

Hi there, Calum Carlyle here, reporting on Out of the Bedroom number 321,
on November 6th 2008, or as it may become known “Out of the Campfire
episode two”. I think there were about ten people in total, including the
performers. At half past seven we decided not to bother with the PA, and
we all sat round a table and had a jolly good sing song. Satsumas were
consumed by anyone who wanted one and at the last minute, I asked Steve
Osborne to write the following review (and I’ve put the myspace links for
all the performers for those of you who missed this gem of an evening).
Don’t be too shocked but we actually played a few covers and
collaborations once everyone had had a shot at playing, but don’t worry
nobody dragged out Wonderwall or Redemption Song, though there was a
version of Sultans of Swing and I’m sure I heard the intro to Hallelujah
at one point…

1. Freeloadin’ Frank
Frank began with a sprightly political song concerning bloodshed and
bullshit (what you can easily get with politicians), then followed it with
a love song (nice contrast), although it was about Scully from the
X-Files…..?! ‘Paranormal’ rhymed with ‘hormonal’? His third song then
had it in for Rupert Murdoch, which is fair enough….

2. Marcie’s New Haircut aka Kieron
Marcie’s first song (his newest) was intriguing focusing very much on the
words, but seriously, his second (his oldest) was utterly bizarre but
funny. The third, ‘Dream’, just as bizarre and including whistling,
rounded off his set – could be described as oddly whimsical.

3. Sophie Ramsay
Incredibly childlike music that sounds like it’s from another time.
Imagine Rose or Valerie of the Incredible String Band doing their own
songs. Quite remarkable.

4. Rob Sproul-Cran
Rob plays us a delicate folkie piece with high-pitched vocals, ‘Stealing

5. Calum Carlyle
First an intricately constructed piece – ‘Sleepytime’, which goes from
softly sleepy to loudly awake, fittingly. Followed by a vibrant,
rhythmically varied piece with some very unusual chords. Like Davey Graham
on acid. Lastly an extremely frenetic, strangely chorded piece, ‘Sex (it’s
a dirty word)’ which gets aptly orgasmic very quickly. Ear grabbing stuff.

6. Johnny Pugh
Firstly, a folkie song which Johnny puts his own individual stamp on
making it a bit less Paul Simon-esque than it would have been, followed by
‘Splinter’, a more emotionally “confessional” piece.

7. Pip Robinson
Pip plays us two movingly melodic songs with heartfelt vocal delivery.

8. Calum Haddow
To this listener, an original oddball eccentric. The air smelling of snow?
Second song ‘no one gets left behind on my watch’. Very funny and hugely

9. After the break, including Nyk Stoddart

After the break there was a cover version (!) from Rob, Calum Carlyle
doing his Nyk-inspired ‘My Penis is a Gyroscope’ and ‘Politics, Politics’
(an early song of his). Frank (for me excruciatingly) did Pete Seeger’s
‘If I Had a Hammer’. God, I hate that song! Nyk then arrived and did a new
song ‘Surprising’, which was rather. Calum Haddow continued, as quirky and
oddball as always, with a jaunty cover, then Kieron again with an amusing
cover this time, and finally Frank finished the evening off with one of
his own songs.

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