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OOTB 394 – It’s all going on!

This week at Out of the Bedroom number 394 it’s the enigmatic Stephen McLaren, who is, i believe, one half of Collar Up. He uses the piano to impressive effect and this Thursday he’ll be playing a featured set for us at OOTB. Come along, Out of the Bedroom’s been really good this year and I’m sure this week’ll be no exception. Also, you can hear the cream of Edinburgh’s performing songwriters (no dodgy covers at OOTB!) plying their trade, so why would you want to be elsewhere on a Thursday evening? PLUS you get a highly reasonable chance of winning a quirky and interesting prize from the Silver Bag o’ Dreams (TM)

Now, none of you wore the sunglasses last week to OOTB, so I’m not going to even try and instigate a theme for this week! I’m not even sure any of you are reading the emails! Just in case you are though, let me tell you a few other things about OOTB. First of all, it’s OOTB 400 coming up soon, on 8th July 2010 no less. We’re going to celebrate by having our first “covers night” of 2010. You’re encouraged to come along and sing your own songs, or covers of other OOTB performers’ songs, or imaginative covers of popular hits and classics. There will probably be other fun stuff on the night, but we’ve not finalised the details yet.

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that we’re hoping to have the occasional video up on the Out of the Bedroom website. It’s just on an as-and-when basis at the moment, ie: if a video comes our way, we might put it on the website if the artiste has given us their permission. But what this means in real terms is that you’ll get to see some OOTB performances from the comfort of your own computer. Watch this space…

Okay, now we’re onto the “also this week” section. Tonight (Tuesday 25th May) there’s a new open mic night at The Cruz Bar, 14 The Shore, Leith. It starts at 8pm, Perhaps I’ll see you there. Tomorrow (26th May) It’s Edward and the Itch (aka Sam Siggs, our feature act for OOTB 390) performing live at the GRV. 7pm start, I’m not sure of the admission cost. On Friday you can of course go to the excellent open mic night at McEwan’s Ale House on South Clerk Street, which starts at 9pm and on Sunday it’s The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street (on the corner of Bread Street, just off Lothian Road). It starts at 8pm, and it’s great fun. You always get a good selection of interesting performances and from 9-10pm there’s an invited artiste playing a featured slot. That’s it from me, see you on Thursday at The Tron…
Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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  1. Ping from Dave:

    Hey man, I read these things. They told me about that Must Be The Music show and I jut had a really good first audition. So thank and see you at an ootb soon 😀

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