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OOTB 401 – 15 July 2010

I arrived early to the basement bar of The Tron. There were already a few musicians kicking back in the corner and the event organisers were busy setting up the stage and recruiting the nights entertainment.

I feel at this point that a brief introduction is necessary. Out of the Bedroom (OOTB) is one of Edinburgh’s best open mic nights, with a reputation for spawning new artists and finding great talent. The basement bar provides an intimate setting and helps to ease artists from their bedrooms to the stage. OOTB has regular acts, who use the venue to test out new material, but also proudly presents debut artists, many of whom are playing in front of a live audience for the first time.

This Thursday was the first event that Visual Opinions attended and woe betide us for not being there last week when OOTB celebrated its 400th evening. We would like to extend a massive congratulations to the crew and urge readers to come along with us from now on, so that you might be there to get your cake at OOTB 500!


Cameron Robinson at OOTB 401 (and he'll be the featured act at OOTB 403!)

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  1. Ping from John Lamb:

    Well done Adam. It is good to see the reviews back and to such a high standard. I was a regular attendee to OOTB some time ago and this is encouraging me to come back.



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