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OOTB 403 – Cam’s On, Feel The Noise!

Out of the Bedroom 403 features Cameron Robinson, and he’s great, so come along this Thursday. He’s a strong acoustic songwriter, always with something up his sleeve. He might even bring his ukelele if you’re lucky!

No sign of a review this week, i’m afraid, but don’t let it ruin your week. we’ll always have the OOTB 401 review and photos after all… (Postscript – actually, the OOTB 402 review just came in. You can read it here. Thanks to Adam from Visual-Opinions.com for the review and photos, and if you want to become an OOTB reviewer, please contact Visual-Opinions.com and make yourself known).

Want some new music? Here’s Hannah Werdmuller with a new song called “Fat Pigeon”

And here’s a video of Nyk Stoddart performing “You Are Not Here” live on 24th June at Out of the Bedroom.

You can also see a music video by Pol Arida here and Hannah O’Reilly’s new video can be found here. Enjoy!

And there’s a lot of other music popping up on the 5090 site, which i may have mentioned in passing in previous weeks. A few of the songwriters are from our shores here are a few Edinburgh songwriters you might enjoy:

HOWEVER i strongly urge you to check out some non-Edinburgh performers too, like these recommended tracks for example. Also, check back over the next couple of months when everybody’s uploaded a lot more songs.

One other thing, Tommy Mackay has just co-released a single with Armando Iannucci, Check it out here.

Okay, time for the events. The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer at 8pm on Sunday and McEwan’s Ale House Open Mic on Friday at 9pm both get a mention of course, because they’re consistently good. Now let’s see what else is on.

Tonight you can go and hear a lot of bands for free at Forest Cafe including Acid Fascists, Glassface, Seafield Foxes, Dead On The Live Wire and Andy Brown’s Victorian Karaoke. None of them have any particular connection to OOTB, i don’t think (not yet anyway!) but it’ll be a good night and it’s free. 7pm to 11pm. Tell them OOTB sent you!

Tomorrow at Forest Cafe, it’s “An Evening of Songs with Freeloadin’ Frank” from 9pm to 11pm. Not sure if this is Frank doing a full size set himself or if there will be floorspots from other performers. I’d imagine it’s the latter. Again, it’s free.

There are a lot of Edinburgh Fringe gigs i want to tell you about, but i think i’ll generally mention them in the week approaching the actual gigs. Here’s one show i want you to know about in advance though, it’s Susanna Macdonald’s “Experimentalista”. It’s a really good show, based in part on her new full length CD, which is challenging but very rewarding. Go and book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Interesting times for OOTB ahead, as The Tron prepares to close for refurbishment after the Festival, so come along to OOTB over the next few weeks, while we’re still in The Tron and i’ll keep you informed here about what OOTB will be doing for the rest of the year once the Festival’s done. See you on Thursday!


  1. Ping from Sammi Sciarri:

    I noticed the link to the POL Arida video does not work.

  2. Ping from admin:

    Thanks for the info Sammi, that’s the internet for you! I’m fairly sure i copypastad Pol’s link okay, so maybe it’s gone on its electronic travels since then…

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