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OOTB 445 featuring Naledi Herman + lots of indispensable info!

Better late than never, eh?

Right well this week at OOTB, the featured act is Naledi Herman! She’s got a great voice, and she’s written some fantastic songs. Also we’ll have the cream of Edinburgh’s songwriting community performing in the open floorspots too, so get yourself along to The Montague Bar tomorrow (Tue 11 October) evening for that, it’s an 8pm start (7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots).

I’ll give you the rest of this week’s listings but DON’T GO AWAY, because i’ve got some important stuff for you nearer the bottom of this email.

Right, on Wednesday it’s the next installment in the Edinburgh Unlimited saga, if the good lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise, the lineup for this month’s Edinburgh Unlimited will be: Chris Yendell (he’s great, you’ll have seen him at OOTB recently), Calypso Brown (she’s also great, you’ll have heard her at OOTB recently, as well as elsewhere), Luke Scott Dumper (again, he’s great, why would we book him otherwise? He’s come all the way from Plymouth for this gig!), and The Whiskey Priest (he’s here from the USA, on tour in the UK promoting his new CD album and this is his only Edinburgh gig). All that for ONLY Ā£2, and it’s at Medina (or The Third Door, i think they might now be calling it) (it’s next door to Negociants, anyway) at 45 Lothian Street on Wednesday 12 October at 8pm.

On Thursday, i don’t know about you but i’m going to the Cameo at 7pm to see Scorsese’s new George Harrison documentary.

On Friday, there’s the Ale House open mic night, at The Ale House on Clerk Street, opposite the old Odeon, and it starts at 9:30pm, it’s always a stoater of a night so if you’re on the fence, just go along, it’s great.

Then on Saturday Sir Tom Watton, and yours truly (Calum Carlyle), rock the Ale House. I think it’ll be 10pm onwards, something like that. Might be 9pm. šŸ™‚ It will no doubt be drunken fun and hilarity, anyway.

Then on Sunday at The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer, the featured act is Sir Tom Watton! He’s a busy chap. He’s also very good, so come along. It starts at 8pm with some (notably excellent i’m sure) floorspots, and then it’s Sir Tom Watton to follow.

right, here’s that important stuff i mentioned. You all know by now that in a few weeks we celebrate OOTB’s tenth anniversary! Well, here are the details of our big tenth anniversary extravaganza. It’s only a fiver, and you get four full length sets from performers down the years, plus tons of other OOTB related fun and games. It’s at the Cab Vol Speakeasy on Friday 4 Nov, at 7pm (don’t be late, seriously, it’s going to be prompt!) – Now, we know some of you no longer live in Edinburgh so please get in touch (by replying to this email) if you want to crash at somebody’s house OR if you can offer to have somebody crash at your house, then please also get in touch, we’ll do our best to put you all in touch with each other and it’ll all be smiley faces all round.

That same week we’re having our ONLY covers night of 2011 at The Montague Bar on 1 November, so learn those covers now, don’t leave it to the last minute! We particularly enjoy covers of other OOTB performers, so don’t be shy to email or IM each other asking for chords, lyrics etc. Covers of your favourite recording artistes, and of course your own original material are also allowed, but for one night only, 1 November will be covers night at OOTB.

By the way i really want to mention a couple of things about OOTB, i get emails asking me this the entire time, so let me just say: We don’t pre-book any slots except the featured act slot, the slots go on a first come, first served basis on the night, no exceptions. Also, we have a longstanding policy of only giving featured act slots to performers who have played a few times (at least) at OOTB in one of the “normal” slots. That’s just for your information, folks. šŸ™‚

Also, i think i mentioned this last time, but there’s a very nice chap promoting local music on his podcast, here’s the blurb:
Steve Boniface – Labelled Independent, the New Music Podcast. Episode #5 Out Now!
Subscribe to the podcast
Listen to individual episodes
Find links to all our featured Labels, Artists & Events
Donate to the podcast, and win prizes!

Also, i wanted to mention this other thing too, from Scottish Connection, it’s a weekly video broadcast on the web, featuring local Edinburgh songwriters, one each week, every Friday night at 9pm, it’s a two hour show, check it out!
It’s called Scottish Connection OnlineĀ  and obviously if you’re a performer then that’s even more reason to get to know about all this stuff.

Okay, i can tell that’s about all you want to see me type this week, so take care, bon voyage, and happy trails for now…

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom

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