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OOTB 450 ft Dan Gillan

Well, it’s OOTB 450 this week, but we feel as young as a fresh spring lamb, and this week we’re presenting the incredible Dan Gillan as the featured act! He’s deep, he’s purple (wait a minute! no he’s not, must have been some sort of spelling mistake there…), but above all, he’s a very good songwriter and performer. Not only that but you get tons of excellent performers doing floorspots as well. It’s possibly the best free night in Edinburgh at OOTB, and it’s the performers that make that happen, every single week! And that’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards St, at 8pm (7:30pm to sign up for a floorspot) on Tuesday.

While i remember, it’s November, and this means it’s NASALMO, which is a challenge to write and record an album all in the month of November. There are two or three OOTBers doing it, so they say, though so far i think i am the only Edinburgher actually uploading my songs onto the site. Anyway, check out the songs that have been written these last two weeks, and see what you think. You can help a lot by signing up to the site and giving your feedback on the songs. Songwriters love that sort of thing. Also, if you’re a songwriter, sign up and write an album, you’ve still got two weeks, what are you waiting for?

What else to tell you? The eighth Labelled Independent podcast is now online, conveniently linked to from the sidebar there on the left hand side of this email. Check it out.

Ah, i’m always mentioning the Ale House open mic on Fridays from 9:30pm and The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Sundays from 8pm (featured act from 9pm), but i need to mention some others to you too. For instance on Thursday there’s an open mic in Noble’s in Leith (from 8pm possibly?), also on Thursday there’s one in Walkabout at the Omni Centre (from 9pm i think), and there’s a folk session from 9:30pm on Thursdays in the Ale House on Clerk Street too.

This week there are tons of things on of course. Here’s a free gig at Noble’s in Leith on Friday at 9pm for example. And here’s a new event at The Auld Toll on Wednesday. Sounds like a good one. Hmm, Donna Maciocia’s band are launching their new EP on Saturday. That sounds pretty good, and it’s at 7pm at Sneaky Pete’s. Please let these gigs know you heard about them from OOTB by the way, it doesn’t hurt for our name to be out there, it promotes the spread of good music around the city and not just in its own wee circles.

No review this week, which is a pity. Obviously if you fancy writing a review of an OOTB night, just come along and do it, so long as i have it in my sweaty paws by the following Sunday, then it’ll go in the email and on the website.

That’s it, see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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