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OOTB 452 ft the irrepressible Jim Bryce!

OOTB Presents…

Right. Hello.

How are you doing? Apparently it’s something called “christmas” soon, and we’ve all got to stop our regular routine and do something else for a bit. So, our final OOTB of 2011 will be Tuesday 20 December, and we’ll be back on your radar on Saturday 7 January.

“Saturday!?!” i hear you exclaim with a wild hint of disbelief in your tone, well yes, we’ll be running OOTB on SATURDAYS in 2012, INSTEAD of Tuesdays. Now aren’t you glad you’re one of the few people that actually reads these emails? What a faux pas it would be to turn up on a Tuesday in 2012 at The Montague Bar and be left high and dry like an out of date packet of crisps that had somehow got lost down the back of the fridge.

Right, now that’s out of the way let me tell you about THIS TUESDAY. It’s OOTB number 452, and our featured performer this week is Jim Bryce. I first heard Jim Bryce at the Edinburgh Songwriters’ Showcase, and he’s unique. I once saw him do a three song open mic slot, and each song he used a different instrument to accompany himself. And that’s at The Montague Bar on Tuesday 29 Nov from 8pm (or 7:30pm to sign up for an open slot), and it’s free. Now look, the slots get filled up quickly. We do usually have a few people who turn up maybe 7:40, 8pm, or later even asking for a slot. It really is first come, first served, so do be prompt to avoid disappointment. Sometimes the list is full by 7:31pm.

Now i’ve got a ton of special events to tell you about this week, and i want to draw your attention to www.outofthebedroom.co.uk as well. I often list various weekly things in this newsletter, but i don’t mention them ever week. Please do go and check out the website for previous announcements about things that happen weekly (if you get what i mean), like the stuff at the Captain’s Bar, the stuff at the Ale House, the open mics at Nobles and Walkabout etc etc. Here’s this week’s stuff though. Click the links, by the way, this email takes ages to put together every week. And come to the gigs too, you’ll enjoy them. 🙂

On Tuesday it’s OOTB featuring Jim Bryce, of course, details as above.

On Wednesday, it’s the final day of November Solo Album Month, so i’d better get that final song written for my next CD! Check out what the various participants have come up with this month.

On Friday 2 Dec, there’s a really special one off event happening at 42 Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh, EH8 8JA – it’s a “house concert”, which is something i think Edinburgh is BEHIND at catching on to, so my hat’s off to the organiser of this one, well done. House concerts are always good fun. The performers this time are Ian Sclater, Kat McKenzie and Cloudland Blue Quartet. You’ll have heard all of them at OOTB (as well as The Listening Room, Secret CDs and Edinburgh Unlimited), and they’re all very good. Plus they’ll be performing a specially prepared set together as well as doing their own material. It’s at 8pm (Doors 7:30pm),  Bring Your Own Bottle, and it’s a suggested donation of £5. TO ATTEND YOU NEED TO EMAIL info@douglasinscotland.co.uk IN ADVANCE. See you there.

Also on Friday 2 Dec, it’s The Mine at Cabaret Voltaire. This month it’s Meursault, plus mystery guests. All this for £6 plus booking fee.

On Saturday 3 Dec, the Ale House on Clerk Street have got Jack Badcock & Roddy Johnston performing live, probably from 9pm (that’s a guess, but an informed one). And it’ll be free.

On Sunday 4 Dec, in the AFTERNOON (3pm start) it’s a FREE gig at The Jazz Bar on Chambers Street. There are three acts, and at the end there’ll be a bit of a jam session. The three acts are Reubam, Erin Todd, and Calum Carlyle.

On the evening of Sunday 4 Dec, it’s The Listening Room featuring Dave Keir. He’s fairly new on the Edinburgh scene, but he’s blisteringly good both as a songwriter and musician, so don’t miss this. I’m serious. It’s free FFS! And that’s at 8pm at The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street on Sunday 4 Dec. By the way those of us who attended The Listening Room last night for Darcy DaSilva‘s set were thoroughly enchanted. If you weren’t there you missed an incredibly good performance. Difficult for me to believe music this good is free admission these days.

Ironically i just realised i’ll have to miss Dave Keir‘s set myself, because i’m playing a gig in Glasgow that clashes. But you guys aren’t so there’s no excuse for not going along! 🙂 (unless you live in Glasgow, in which case i hope to see you there!)

And that’s it for this week. Clear your calendar and get yourself along to all these gigs. You only get one life to live! And i’ve got a ton of stuff for you next week too, and the week after, so get prepared. ALSO, tell all your friends. Your friends like good live music, too you know, why not combine it with whatever christmas outings you’ve got planned?

And the other thing is, if you remember, please mention that you heard about these gigs from www.outofthebedroom.co.uk when you go along to these things. The more connected we can make this scene, the better it will be for everybody concerned, and the more quality music we can offer you all. It depends on the audiences though, and this means YOU.

Okay, see you out there in musicland!
Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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