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OOTB 460 – Darren Hendrie at last!

This week (TONIGHT) the featured act is.. let’s see, it’s… HOLY CRAP it’s DARREN HENDRIE! i’ve been waiting months for this lad to get a full featured act set, he’s awesome. Mesmeric, let’s say. Don’t miss it. It’s tonight (Sat 4 Feb) at The Montague Bar at 8pm and it’s free, PLUS there will be two hours from all of Edinburgh’s best singer songwriters (yes, ALL of them!)

Then tomorrow at The Listening Room at the Blue Blazer at 8pm it’s an hour of kickass floorspots then the properly amazing (i am NOT exaggerating) LAKE MONTGOMERY! For Free! And that’s sunday 5 Feb.

What else… NEXT WEEK it’s Edinburgh Unlimited at The Third Door (or Medina, you know, downstairs in Negociants) and for only £3, you get four bands, which are UNION CANAL, DAN GILLAN, DUSTY CUT, and TURNING PLATES. don’t miss it, seriously it looks like being a huge extravaganza of music. And don’t be late either, we’re starting promptly to fit as much music in as possible. And that’s 8pm on Wednesday 8 Feb at The Third Door.

Also, the Ale House on Clerk Street has open mic nights on Tuesdays and Fridays which are always awesometastic, 9pm starts for those i think, and the Captain’s Bar, and tons of other places have stuff on, check your facebook and google!

Also, February Album Writing Month just started, have you written and uploaded any songs yet? Why not FFS! Even i’ve done one and my shoulder’s busted!

Finally, you know tons of people who love live music, i know you do. Please forward them this email and get them to sign up to our mailing list so they get this mailout every week. They will thank you later if not immediately.

Okay that’s it, see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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