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OOTB 507 – 9th February – End Of Neil

End Of NeilHello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and welcome to another week of hairy Sasquatchuan live music shenanigans in the heart of Edinburgh’s deep maple forest where strange men aimlessly roam about dressed in dark furry suits that behold a rather obvious silver zip running up their backs. Before I go on and put my bigfoot in it all I should mention this Saturday’s featured act.

End Of Neil is a well seasoned performer playing gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and beyond. His style evokes a mixture of indie folk and rock, which comes across confidently with his strong finger-picking and strumming style on acoustic guitar alongside the occasional harmonica solo. His unique lyrics and polished vocals take you on a journey where you might discover something as diverse as chimpanzees escaping from a zoo. Intrigued and want to hear more? Then bring yourself and your friends along to the Kilderkin for a drink or two and one fine performance. End Of Neil has kept himself busy with recordings too, so here’s a link to his Soundcloud page to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

“What about me, what about me?”, I hear you all cry faintly from the speakers of my laptop somehow. “Well..em..eh..uh..”, I answer obliquely, “Okay then, slots are available as usual if you want to give us a song or three”, as I stare back in blank bewilderment at the source of the many soft ghostly voices. “Remember to turn up before 7:30pm to confirm a slot”, I hear myself additionally mentioning whilst reaching for the phone to book another appointment with bearded men adorned in white clinical coats who tell me it’s all okay.

See you there or be drowned in Sasquatch hair…

TB 😉

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