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OOTB 545 – 7th December – Tom Watton

Hello. Featured act this week is the very talented and most legendary Tom Watton. Tom is a songwriter, storyteller and natural-born entertainer. His music has a direct folk influence in harmony with Tom’s unique twist on life. His finger-picking style on guitar along with his confident vocals are energetic and entirely musical. He plays a pretty mean double-bass as well. Never short of a word and a laugh, Tom is guaranteed to entertain any audience. A must see this Saturday that OOTB dare thee not to miss.

Here’s a link to Sir Tom’s website: sirtomwatton.co.uk

Slots that measure fifteen-minutes in size are ready to be volumised by your instruments and musical moans. Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB starts the bed rocking at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

The Open Mics events page is updated for December. Check that son of a gun out.

Next Saturday is our traditional Christmas Bash before OOTB takes a festive break for a few weeks. There’s going to be guests, open slots of course and lots of good fun to be had. Performing Christmas songs, poetry and the like is very welcome to keep us all in the mood. OOTB reliably returns refreshed on 11th January for a new year of musical shenanigans.

Be there or be a soon to fall out unwashed grey pubic hair…


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