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OOTB 555 – 8th March – Annie Booth

Hello. Not going to make a song and dance about OOTB reaching five-hundred and fifty-five at all. Despite the fact that I’m drinking a carton of Five Alive citrus juice, wearing five gold rings, watching Channel 5 on telly, smoking a 555 brand cigarette and just after spending five hours fitting a 555 timer integrated circuit into my head so that one automatically ‘high-fives’ with five fingers five times every fifth day for the next fifty-five years.

AnnieBoothFeatured act this twenty-four hour period humans call ‘Saturday’ is the rather talented Annie Booth. Edinburgh songwriter Annie has a distinct soulful vocal that carries deep poetic lyrics taking you on an emotional journey through her acoustic pop style of music. Her songs can be uplifting and energetic, but also can be brooding ballads such as ‘Demons’ giving further depth to her repertoire. Annie’s debut EP ‘Spark’ was launched around a year and a half ago, and is well worth a listen.

Here’s a link to Annie’s website: anniebooth.bandcamp.com

Performance slots are there for the taking. Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB will be coming out to play at 8pm. It’s fifteen-minutes of stage-time and original material only.

Be there or be 111 worse off as the numbered beast with a permanent evil stare…


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