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OOTB 563 – 3rd May – Alex Templeman

alex templemanHello folks, people and humans. Featured act this week is the rather talented Alex Templeman. Alex is a London-born songwriter who has been performing at OOTB for the last couple of months. Having been classically trained vocally, he got bored of singing opera when he was younger and decided to teach himself how to play guitar and write songs. Alex plays country/folk tunes heavily inspired by American singer-songwriters such as James Taylor, Kathy Mattera, Jeff Buckley and Neko Case.

Here’s a link to some of Alex’s work: soundcloud.com/alextempleman

Regular performance slots are there for the taking. Sign up at 7:15pm-7:30pm and then OOTB un-velcros the velvet curtain with a rrripppp amplified accordingly through the P.A. at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

Be there or be caught on local transport with no bus fare…


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