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OOTB 589 – 13th December – Nyk Stoddart

Nyk StoddartHello. We have booked a former long-serving and one of the original OOTB committee members for this Saturday’s headline act. Nyk Stoddart is well known and well liked out on the Edinburgh live circuit and never fails to entertain his audiences. Nyk’s music takes you on a colourful psychedelic journey where his style veers from prog rock to as far as ‘Fake Jazz’. His lyrics are deep, intelligent and occasionally humorous sung with melody that compliments Nyk’s complex chord changes on guitar. Get yourselves along to OOTB to witness an experienced performer who you can’t help but like. Here’s a link to Nyk’s music: soundcloud.com/nykstoddart

There will be plenty of performance slots up for grabs too if you fancy a shot under the OOTB spotlight. We start at 8pm, but sign up sometime from 7:30pm to confirm a fifteen-minute booking. No covers remember, just your own self-written creations are worthy of our audiences’ ears.

This our last OOTB event of the year. We return freshly bathed with new haircuts on Saturday 10th January 2015 after the winter holidays.

May your bowels be full of tuneful festive cheer…


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