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OOTB 590 – 10th January – Open Slots

slot1aHello and happy new year. Or to be more accurate, here come another twelve months which are most likely to be a repeat of the same nonsense as last year with a few more pointless shenanigans added on.

This Saturday OOTB kicks off the first event of this new year with an entire evening of open slots. No featured acts are booked until next week, so a handful of more slots are up for grabs. It’s fifteen-minutes of stage time (ten-minutes if busy) and original material only. Musicians, poets, comedians and the like are all welcome.

Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will begin the begin at 8pm.

Will be great and equally fantastic to see you there…



  1. Ping from sonny price:

    Hello is there a open mic night for bands as well

  2. Ping from admin:

    Hi there. Check out “The Banshee Labyrinth Open Mic” on every Wednesday from 10pm.

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