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OOTB 607 – 16th May – Mhairi McCall

Mhairi McCollYes yes yes, hello and all that jazz for goodness’ sake. Mhairi McCall is yet another worthwhile headline act booked for this week to melt your earwax-filled iron-clad hairy ears. Mhairi’s music has pop ballad elements to it with a little bit of comedy thrown in occasionally for good measure. She claims that she’s a “singer/songwriter who writes songs about what you shouldn’t write songs about”, and with one of her songs titled “Smelly Love” you probably get some idea where Mhairi is going creatively.

Here’s a link to some of her music: soundcloud.com/mhairi-mccall

Let’s hear some of your creative creations that have been created through the usual human excretion methods of blood, sweat, gravy, egg, urine and tears. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will lay the necessary rubber stage mat on the floor at 8pm.

Will be biotexly clean and refreshing to see you there…


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