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OOTB 631 – 5th July – Kevin Laing

Kevin LaingOoooft my god, is that two weeks of our precious lives gone already? Let’s celebrate the passage of time by introducing our feature act for this Tuesday evening…

Kevin Laing is originally from Fife and has been singing and playing guitar for a while. In the last couple of years he has been working on his own material, so Kevin is quite new to the singer-songwriter open-mic scene. He doesn’t have any particular musical influences and is quite intrigued when people say his songs sound like Radiohead one day, Gordon Lightfoot the next, and some other people whose music he hasn’t paid attention to. Each song is the result of playing around with chords and images, and he is often surprised with the varied results. One of Kevin’s more recent songs has a salsa influence which draws from his rather wary experience of some dance classes.

Fifteen-minute performance slots are there for the taking if you fancy some stage time. Sign-up from 7:30pm and we’ll start boppin’ and a dancin’ at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be hip-swivellingly great to see you there…


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