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OOTB 656 – Thursday 2nd November – Liam Stuart

The Out of the Bedroom open mic night juggernaut reaches the milestone of its 656 show this Thursday 2nd November at the backroom of Woodland Creatures on Leith Walk. First act is on stage at 8pm and we finish up at 11pm. Entry is free for all whether you are a performer of original material or a music lover. Sign up at 7:30pm for an open mic slot, about 10 minutes or two songs per act depending on the number of performers.

The last OOTB, number 655, featured a wide range of great acts: Tau Boo, Michael, Jessica Cave, Tom ‘TG’ McEwan, Colin Súrname, Bill Philip, Lindsay Strachan, Adam Naylor, DB Hews, Nyk Stoddart, host Jim Bryce and feature act Majk Stokes. You can see some images from the night in the OOTB photos page.

Liam Stuart

Feature act for OOTB 656 is Liam Stuart, a young singer-songwriter and musician from Banff who is studying Popular Music at Napier University. Liam is an accomplished performer and has been influenced by classic rock and acoustic music such as Bon Iver, The Tallest Man on Earth, Joan Baez and The Beatles to name but a few. Liam has just recently co-founded Q Records, an Edinburgh-based record label comprised of fellow students and music enthusiasts specialising in artist management and record releases. 

See you at Woodland Creatures this Thursday…


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