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OOTB 706 – Thursday 28th November – Jonas Cimermanas

Out of the Bedroom 706 will take place in Woodland Creatures on Thursday, 28th November from 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Entry is free and sign up for an open mic slot is from 7.30 p.m., with 10 to 15 minutes per act depending on the number of performers. Original music only for the open slots and all music lovers are welcome. A house guitar will be available for musicians.

Jonas Cimermanas Our feature act this week is Jonas Cimermanas. Jonas has been part of the open mic music scene in Edinburgh for the past four years. His early encounter with blues and classical rock prompted Jonas to pick up the guitar. With literary influences like Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski and Townes van Zandt, Jonas began writing his own material. Later influences were classical and more experimental/ambient music, where documented experiences find an ethereal setting. Jonas released his first album ‘Songs of love and longing’ in 2018 under the alias of Skip the Android. Now Jonas performs under his own name, playing sets with guitarist Paulius, and exploring ways to put the music across.

OOTB 705 took place on 14th November. Photos from the evening can be found on our Facebook page. Line up was: Roy McIntosh, Calum Carlyle, Susanna Macdonald-Mulvihill, Startled Bee, Will B, Majk Stokes, Los Cabinos/Stephanos, Jim Bryce, Danny Mullins, feature act: Beth Clarke.

See you at Woodland Creatures on Thursday…

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