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OOTB 771 – Thursday 13th June – The Safari Lounge

man in a room sunlit through curtains leaning back against a wall playing guitarOut of the Bedroom number 771 is on Thursday 13th June, downstairs in The Safari Lounge, 21 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh EH7 5SN. Edinburgh’s longest running open mic is on from 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Entry is free and sign up for a slot is from 7.30 p.m.

All are welcome! There will be a PA, house guitar and house keyboard available. Please feel free to come along and share your original songs and stories with some of Edinburgh’s friendliest musos and music fans!

Out of the Bedroom at the Meadows Festival on Saturday 1st June was a great day with the warmest weather in Edinburgh this year. The Scotsman included a photo of us in their Meadows Festival coverage – https://shorturl.at/OWQX1.

Out of the Bedroom 770 was held at The Safari Lounge on Thursday 30th May. The performers were: Luke Griffiths, Jim Bryce, Kai Swarvett (debut), Pixie Moonshine, Janis McCusker, James McQueen with Pat and Al (both debuts), Elsie MacDonald, Ellie Goddard (debut), James Igoe. James Igoe hosted and Alyx Dickson was on sound desk.

The 31 acts who played at The Meadows Festival open mic stage on Saturday 1st June were (deep breath): James Igoe, I Know Nothing, SIASA, Al Nicholas, Jim Bryce, Lena Louise, Ezra Briggs, Pixie Moonshine, Horne’s Gift Shop, Erika Beyers, Mike Wheeler, Dazza JFT and Tribal John, Beth Jam, Borrowed Robes, Riddimental, Cloudland Blue Quartet, Adult Beginner, James McQueen, Scott Renton, Cat John Cranston, Rebecca, Roger, The Roziks, Nindo, Chrisalis, Elsie MacDonald, Doug Stewart, Majk Stokes, Roman A, Orla and Jess, Christina, Raheel. Hosts were James Igoe, Jim Bryce, Ashhy and Scott Renton. Alyx Dickson and Ashhy were on sound desk. There were a few OOTB debuts.

See you at The Safari Lounge on Thursday…

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