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OOTB goes to Thursdays!!!

Yes, we’re back to Thursdays, starting on October the 15th 2009, still in the basement bar of The Tron in Edinburgh. come along for 7pm to play or 8pm to listen.

This week (6th October) will be our final Tuesday OOTB, and it’s Thursdays all the way from next week onwards. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Ping from Dave:

    Hey OOTB!
    I’m sorry to have to use the comment section but the discussion forums have been closed and I can’t find anywhere to contact! I was wondering how it would be that I would go about requesting a feature set? I’ve not been by in quite a while but I’ve recently written some really good stuff that would fit nicely into a half hour slot at your fine gathering. Hope everything is good at The Tron, looking forward to visiting again soon.

    Dave Robertson

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