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OOTB – just a minute…

Has it been a week already? I was struck down by a cold this weekend so i missed some of this week unfortunately, though i did make it along to the Blue Blazer on Sunday, which was great. Now, one or two things to mention, mostly upcoming gigs. First of all though, Cloudland Blue Quartet has asked me to tell you about his new CD, “Splinterheart”, you can hear it online and purchase it here. He’ll be playing at the November Secret CDs to promote the CD as well, just to let you know in advance.

I think i’ll take the opportunity to mention my newest CD too, actually, you can hear it, and purchase it here. It’s not available as a physical CD yet, but you can download it, and i’ll be launching the CD at a Lot Acoustic Showcase on 24th November, with my new duo (the other member of which is currently a closely guarded secret!). And of course many other OOTB related artistes have got CDs for sale, and well worth it they are too, i try to buy as many as i can. It pretty much goes without saying, but ask the artistes when you see them live, or check out the details on their myspace. CDs are usually only a few quid, and you get a lasting record of the band, which is definitely worthwhile, since bands are always splitting up or moving away, it seems.

Aaaand a big welcome to the two dozen or so new subscribers to the Out of the Bedroom mailing list. If you are receiving this for the first time, it’s because you (at some point in the distant past, probably) put your email address on an OOTB raffle ticket. I send out a weekly email with details of what OOTB is doing (which isn’t a huge deal at the moment, it must be admitted), and also i usually include details of other gigs that are on, CDs being released, and special events featuring performers who are in some way affiliated with OOTB. If you don’t want to be on this list, just reply to this email and i’ll remove your email address from the list. Think twice before you do though, because not only do i include a shortlist of very good gigs, many of which are free, but you also find out about the occasional exclusive release, or special event here that you may not have heard about elsewhere.

On that subject, here are a whole lot of gigs you might want to go to before all the bands split up, change their lineup and repertoire, or become huge and successful and move away to the big smoke. Firstly tonight (Tuesday), it’s the Regent Showcase at The Regent Bar at the top of Abbeymount and Easter Road. It starts at 8:30 and it’s a showcase of some very good acoustic acts and one or two comedians. It’s free, and it’s a good atmosphere.

I had a feeling that Sam Barber and the Outcasts were playing a gig this week, i know they’ve got two next week (which i’ll mention in next week’s email) but i can’t seem to find any details for them for this week. Anyway, i’m sure there are ways you can find out, if you really need to know. 🙂

This Friday (15th Oct) there’s tons of stuff on. There’s the McEwan’s Ale House open mic at 9/9:30pm of course, which is free, and there’s also Miyagi, House of La & Die Schneiders for £3 (and that’s only a quid per band) at the Voodoo Rooms, at 8:30pm (and Miyagi are on first).

Also this Friday, it’s a Bainbridge Presents night, featuring Underclass, Cancel The Astronauts & Jump Press A in the intimate environs of Sneaky Petes on the Cowgate, and it’s a 7pm start, so don’t arrive fashionably late! I don’t know if this one costs to get in, because the Sneaky Pete’s website doesn’t have tickets for sale for this gig.

[[ STOP PRESS – The gig at Sneaky Pete’s will be going ahead on Friday, but without Underclass, due to illness. ]]

Then on Sunday (17th Oct) at the Listening Room at The Blue Blazer, it’s the usual open mic from 8-9pm, and then the featured act this week will be Caro Bridges, who is awesome, as you’ll know if you’ve heard her elsewhere. Don’t quote me, but i wouldn’t be too surprised if she had Matt Norris accompanying her on the mandolin as well. And it’s free, too!

Thought i’d just mention this one as well, on Monday 18th, it’s Gavin Bain’s band, Hopeless Heroic live at Bannerman’s. I think it’s an 8pm start, more details in the FB link.

Well, we’ve reached the end of another OOTB email, there’s been tears, there’s been laughter… Well, actually there probably hasn’t been. I was thinking of having some sort of bonus for people that actually read this far, like a giveaway or lucky prize draw or something, but i haven’t quite come up with any good ideas yet, i’ll let you know anyway. Okay, go and get some good local music into you and i’ll see you back here next week.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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