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OOTB – Remember, Remember

Hello again everybody, i’ve got quite a few events to tell you about this week, but first of all, let me just quickly say sorry to anybody that turned up at The Lot on Wednesday looking for the Tigertown Presents gig, there was a gig on at The Lot that night, but the gig i thought was at The Lot was actually at Electric Circus. Anyway, it’s the first time i’ve made a mistake like that on this list i think, and i’ll make an effort not to do it again in any hurry!

Okay, now onto this week’s events, in chronological order i think… Tonight (Tuesday 9 Nov) at The Regent Bar at the top of Abbeymount and Easter Road, it’s the Regent Showcase, featuring a selection of Edinburgh’s solo and duo performers, and possibly one or two comedians. It’s free, it starts at 8:30pm and there may be open slots available i believe.

This Friday (12th Nov), at Henry’s Cellar Bar, it’s the launch of the new CD by Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves (an Edinburgh blues band i believe), with support from Missing Cat and Fitzroy Soul, and some others i think. Members from these bands have been to OOTB in the past, in case you’re wondering where the connection is. And they’re good too, that’s the other reason i’m mentioning it. Not sure if it costs to get in, i imagine it’ll be a few quid, but i don’t know. It’s 8pm till 3am. Also, i need to tell you that the excellent McEwan’s Ale House open mic is on as usual this Friday from 9pm in the McEwan’s Ale House opposite the old Odeon on Clerk Street.

Also this Friday (12th Nov), it’s a Bainbridge Presents gig called Amplified, at the GRV. It’s a 14+ gig. The bands are People Places Maps and Underclass, with support from Espionage of the Loc and SmallPRINT. Again, they’re good bands, with band members who’ve been along to OOTB and the Listening Room over the years. It’s an early one, 7pm till 10pm. Not sure what the admission cost is, it’ll be a few quid i expect.

This Saturday (13th Nov) it’s Aaron Wright and the Aprils and 6 Day Riot performing live at Electric Circus on Market Street. It’s a 7pm start and it’s £3 to get in. Should be good. I’ve heard Aaron Wright solo but not with a band yet.

Then on Sunday (14th Nov) it’s Tom Watton who’s the featured act at The Listening Room in The Blue Blazer (on Spittal and Bread Streets). You’ll like him, his stuff’s very varied and he’s a really enthusiastic performer. He’s on at 9pm, after the usual open mic furiousness at 8pm, which you should definitely consider being there for as well.

Also on Sunday 14th November, it’s the Fresh Promotional Video Shoot at Maggie’s Chamber at 139 The Cowgate. Basically, they’re making a promotional video to promote their events, and they have a lot of bands playing as part of it, including (but not limited to) Back Alley Romeo, Casino Queen, Two Steps To Envy, People Places Maps, The Harlots, Kill Code Red and November Orchid. It’s 6pm and it’s £2 entry, just thought you all might like to know about it.

I wanted to mention some things in advance of next week too, there’s a gig on Wednesday 17th November at The Royal Oak on Infirmary Street (just off South Bridge/Nicolson Street) called Magic Letters. It’s an 8pm start, it’s only £2 to get in, and it stars Caro Bridges and the River, so it’s your chance to hear the amazing singer-songwriter Caro Bridges with her new band in an intimate acoustic setting. Support slots are from Mutant Lodge (Nyk Stoddart’s offbeat alter ego) and Calum Carlyle (in a rare solo appearance), so do get there in a timely manner. I’m hoping to make the Royal Oak into a more regular venue for our sort of acoustic nights in the future, i’ve got plans. Watch this space…

The other thing i wanted to mention about next week is Hannah O’Reilly/Augustalia‘s EP launch gig at The Voodoo Rooms next Thursday (18th Nov) at 7:30pm for 8pm, and it’s £4 to get in. The support is from The Dull Fudds and Lee Paterson so it’ll obviously be a quality evening.

While i’m on the subject of Hannah O’Reilly and Calum Carlyle (i’ll never get used to speaking about myself in the third person!), both artists have been giving away free exclusive mp3 downloads recently on their mailing lists, so do yourself a favour and join Hannah’s mailing list here, and join the Calum Carlyle list here.

I’ve got more stuff lined up to tell you about next week, there’s quite a selection of good gigs on the horizon actually, it’s quite heartening. If you’re in a band or are playing a gig, and you want me to mention it on the list, do get in touch by replying to this email. Our community is becoming a little diffuse at the moment, with OOTB not running the open mic night at the moment, but it’s great to see so many OOTB people at these other gigs, keeping in touch with each other and enjoying each other’s music. Anyway, don’t stay in watching X Factor, come out to some of these gigs and have a great time, see you out there, or see you next week in the OOTB email!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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  1. Ping from Sir Tom Watton:

    thanks Calum for doing a brillliant job – what a hero!

    See you on Sunday 🙂

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