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OOTB – ‘Snow Use, I’m Going Out Anyway!

Who’d have thought the snow’d last this long, eh? Well, this week people seem to be just going out regardless (after a slight spate of staying in last week), which is quite odd considering the conditions for going out are probably worse this week, but anyway, we’ve all got things to do i suppose. Well, this week i’ve got some events to tell you about and also a few other wee updates as well, so here we go.

Tonight (Tuesday 7 Dec) it’s the Regent Showcase at the Regent Bar at the top of Easter Road, it starts at 8:30pm and it’s free, and it’s a showcase of Edinburgh’s acoustic performers, run by Cameron Phair. This time it’s a Christmas special, so i’ll be along there doing at least one festive classic. Also tonight (7 Dec), it’s Acoustic Edinburgh of course, free, at Medina on Lothian Street. Their headline act this week is a supergroup consisting of Ziggy Campbell from Found, and incredible folk musicians Nuala Kennedy and AJ Roach. Supporting will be Ken Barrett from Floozie Soo, Keith Paton from Hoochie Fig and Paul Gilbody from Gecko (among many many others!).

Oh wait a minute, just need to tell you you only have a few days to enter this competition. Audio Technica are running a competition for you to write a christmas tune, as far as i can see you need to upload your entry to youtube and then email then telling them the link. Go for it…

Now, also tonight (7 Dec) Paul Gladwell is launching his EP “Save Yourself” tonight at Henry’s Cellar Bar, just off Lothian Road at 8pm. He’s an incisive songwriter and performer, a bit edgy. Good entertainment.

On Thursday 9th December, come along to Frankenstein’s on George IV Bridge. Five acts for a fiver, and they are: Your First Mistake, Kid Fire, Michael Dodds, Miasma, and Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions. This will be your last chance to hear Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions in 2011, so if you missed our debut performance at The Lot (or if you came along and enjoyed it!) then do make a point of coming along. The evening starts at 8:30pm, and you can get discounted tickets in advance right here. I might just mention that these details are all correct. It’s nice to get correct gig details, even if only at the last minute…

Do you remember a chap called Mark Roper? Used to come along to OOTB regularly, performing his songs either with a keyboard or with laptop based backing tracks. Well he emigrated to Canada in the summer, but he’s just brought out his album “Album of a Nobody” by Enough About You. You can listen to it online and buy it from all the usual places, iTunes, Amazon et cetera, and Mark’s taken the unusual choice (for our little scene anyway) of getting session musicians in to record his songs, and the result is a very polished little project. See if you can guess who the lead vocalist is by the way. 🙂

Another thing i’ll just mention in passing is that we think we’re looking at a January restart for Out of the Bedroom’s regular weekly nights. Watch this space, just need to confirm all the details with the OOTB committee…

Now, if you went to Calton Studios for Three Long Words’ EP launch last week, you’d have been disappointed, as they had to cancel due to a shortage of band members. But, never fear, you can go to a free consolation gig at Costa Coffee in Stockbridge instead. It’s on Friday 10 Dec at 7pm, and it’s an acoustic event featuring The Koves, The Brief Encounters and Three Long Words. It definitely sounds tempting to me.

I need to maybe start some sort of separate section which just lists the regular stuff that happens every week. Here are a few things that happen every week anyway: On Fridays at McEwans Ale House on Clerk Street from 9:30pm it’s the McEwans open mic night, a really good one. On Sundays it’s the Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Bread and Spittal Streets, open mic (though there’s no PA and no mic!) from 8-9pm and a featured act from 9pm till 10pm. Then afterwards, also on Sundays, go along to Espionage at the top of Victoria Street for an open mic night beginning at 10pm run by Jason Kyrone. I’m assured it’s welcoming, endearing and ambient, so do go along. On Mondays, at the Captain’s Bar on South College Street, they have an open mic night (no PA, just one mic and an optional piano), starting at 7pm.

What else? Jason Kyrone runs a weekly showcase at Espionage on Mondays (also at 10pm i believe, so perfect for going to after the Captain’s Bar). Also on Mondays, at the Parlour Bar in Leith on Duke Street at 8pm there’s an acoustic jam session, and in the same place on Thursdays theres an open mic at 8pm as well, with a free drink for every performer. On Tuesdays, the Captain’s Bar has the Mike Bennett and Kirsty Jacqueline Lingard Music Open Session, and they have folk sessions on Fridays at 8pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm. Be aware there are a lot of other regular nights on. There are all the various Unpeeled/Miyagi/Dr Ruby’s/Secret CDs/Tigertown gigs too, but they tend to be monthly or sporadic, so i’ll continue to give you them on an ad hoc basis.

Okay, i think that’s it, though i always worry i have missed something out. Sorry if you had something you wanted included, and i haven’t mentioned it. I usually find out about something half way through the week that nobody told me about too. Apparently Augustalia were playing at the Wee Red Bar last week for instance, and i forgot to plug my own gig at the Forest last week too. Okay, that’s it, come to all the gigs i just mentioned and i’ll see you there! 🙂

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