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OOTB update + other events

Well, I’m beginning to think that the OOTB Reviewers’ Union must have called for industrial action and forgot to tell us! I am sure one of these days i’ll end up with half a dozen reviews for you to read all in one week, but in the meantime, we’re all just going to have to wait expectantly, i’m afraid…. Please accept our apologies once again for not having a review along with this email.

Now, the sun’s out, we’ve all had a lovely weekend, and what could be nicer in weather like this than going out to the Tron and sitting in a basement all evening? Actually, in all seriousness, it’ll be a good night, so do pop along. ……..Aaaaaand I’ve just been informed of the late breaking and utterly thrilling news that Sam Barber will be playing the feature slot this Tuesday at OOTB. Do come along and have a half a shandy and listen to the sweet crooning of Sam Barber, ladies and gentlemen!

Also this week, there’ll be an abundance of musical events going on, and i’d like to mention just a couple of them here. First of all, Secret CDs is on again at the Phoenix Cellar Bar on Broughton Street, £2/£1 to get in, this Wednesday, featuring Thorn’s Musical Journey, playing their farewell gig, so this is your last chance to hear them, also playing are Fanattica, Sophie Ramsay and Blueflint. I’ll certainly be there because that sounds like an evening not to be missed.

And on Thursday and Friday, you could pop along to the Jazz Bar on Chambers Street for Doctor Ruby’s Musical Surgery, an informal open mic session from about 5pm till 8pm, it’s good, and very varied. You could pop along to The Listening Room at the Blue Blazer on Sunday as well, starts at 8pm and goes till 10pm, there’s an open mic section at the start of the night, last night was very enjoyable indeed. And also on Sunday, you might pop along to the top bar of Espionage on Victoria Street for an open mic night that’s just recently started running there from 9pm till about 1am, lots of acoustic blues/country/folk energy on show.

Other than that, have a good week and see you on Tuesday (and maybe, in an alternate universe, i might even have a review for you next week!)

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