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Hello OOTB Friends,

Our tenure at the Montague/Maltings has now come to an end – but fear not intrepid troubadours, as this moment has been prepared for!

OOTB proper will start again on Saturday 6th October in OOTB’s new home: The Kilderkin (Down the Royal Mile). If you haven’t been there before please see http://goo.gl/maps/8mwtJ

This Saturday, 22nd at 8pm, will be a bash for Peter Michael Rowan at, you guessed it: The Kilderkin (are you spotting a pattern here?), so come down and give one of Edinburghs great movers and shakers and all-round good blokes a fine send-off!

We are also holding our AGM at The Kilderkin on Wednesday 3rd October at 7pm. This will be an open public meeting to air your views and elect committee positions.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have helped the night so far, in so many ways, too many to mention here, our volunteers are all brilliant, and without whom we wouldn’t have the fantastic night that we have all, in our own ways, built over the years.

Cheers to everyone, and hope to see you Saturday for Peter, the 3rd for the AGM, or even Saturday 6th October for the first night in our new home!

See you out there!

Nyk Stoddart

OOTB Secretary

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