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Out of the BedZoom #2 – Thursday 16th April – online

Zoom by Fat Larry's BandAfter a successful Out of the BedZoom #1, we’re back by public demand for more!

Out of the BedZoom #2 will take place this Thursday 16th April. We will be using the Zoom video conferencing tool and providing a link so that anyone anywhere in the world can join.

The address to login is https://zoom.us/j/92172452021.

We will start at 8.00 (as usual) and will run for one hour with each act having one song each. Attendees can turn up from 7.30 when the online room will be open for sign up. Slots will be allocated randomly, with the last act choosing a number of the next act. (For those that remember our sister night The Listening Room, it is that method of allocating slots that we will be using.)

If more than an hour’s worth of people sign up (about 12 acts) then we will take a short break at 9.00 (as usual) and have a part two fitting in those other acts. There is no feature act this week.

Out of the BedZoom #1 took place on Thursday 2nd April. Line up: Vincent Gauchot, Jim Bryce, Startled Bee, Tom McEwan, Majk Stokes & Beth Clarke, James Whyte, Tina Louise Avery, Ian Sclater, Darren Thornberry, James Igoe. 

See you online this Thursday…

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