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Out of the BedZoom #70: Royalty – Thursday 19th August 2021 – online

The Royal Mile, EdinburghOut of the BedZoom 70 will take place on Thursday 19 August via Zoom online. You can join with the Zoom 822 0835 5199 with passcode 455024. As usual, there will be a waiting room in operation.

This week’s theme is Royalty. Do you think that the royal family are the glue that binds our fragile society together? Or do you think that they are parasites who embody the class system designed to give them unimaginable wealth and power? Or are you a musician who just wants their royalties? You can play an original song based on the theme or not – the choice is yours.

We will start at 8.00 p.m. and we’ll go on until the final act plays. Each act will perform one song. Slots for performers will be allocated randomly, with the last act choosing a number of the next act.

The Zoom room will be open from 7.30. This will allow time for hellos, catch up and technical set up if required.

Out of the BedZoom #69: Shoot/Chute took place on Thursday 12th August. The performers were: James Igoe, Startled Bee, Scott Renton, Mike Wheeler, Alex Payne, James Bryce (host). Malcolm McLean was in attendance.

See you online this Thursday…

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