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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re planning on playing a set at OOTB or anywhere else, the importance of having rehearsed can’t be over stated.

Many of us can get up on stage and knock out a tune at a moment’s notice, but a well-rehearsed set is almost always going to look and sound better. Even the most famous musicians tend to practise with regularity.

In the build-up to your performance, make sure you know your songs properly. Some people play on stage with a lyrics and chords sheet – particularly with newer material, and this is fine. But why not go the extra mile and learn the song? You’ll almost certainly give a much more convincing, better sounding, and better-looking performance if it comes from within. When you’ve balanced a crumpled set of lyrics on your knee and it falls to the floor half way through the song – well it doesn’t fall into the category of ‘endearingly amateurish’!

Wherever possible, play through your whole set at least once properly on the day of your performance. Make sure you can play and/or sing your entire set easily and with confidence. You might like to record yourself as you practise and listen back – do you really sound as good or bad as you think you do?

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