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Take Advantage of the Monitors

What are monitors?

Monitors are wedge shaped speakers that sit in front of performers on the stage. The job of these speakers is to allow the performers to hear what they are performing. Therefore it is important that you know how to make use of the monitor(s)

Monitors are controlled at the sound desk by the engineer, but we need feedback from the performers to understand if they are ok or what adjustments to make. The simplest way to do this is to tell the engineer what needs to be altered. You may have heard performers asking “could the vocals be turned down” or someone asking for “more guitar in the monitor”.

Sound at Out of the Bedroom

At Out of the Bedroom, we do not have time to sound check each person, therefore we rely on experience to get approximate levels and then alter this as performers play. Again we need the performer to let us know about the monitor levels. Leave the front of house sound to whoever is on the sound desk.

Sound checks at gigs

During sound checks for gigs use the time to make sure that the monitors are correct for you (and your band). Don’t worry at this time about the sound front of house where the audience will be the sound engineer will make sure that the sound is balanced and level.

At a sound check, the sound engineer will go though each of the instruments and vocals at a time to get an approximate level and try to get the eq. rights. Once the engineer is happy with these approximations you will then play together so that the engineer can get the balance right with the monitors and then the front of house speakers. At this time make sure that you and your band are happy with the sound on the stage, if you (and your band) are happy on stage then the performance will be more enjoyable for you.


If you need the monitors levels changed, say what needs to be changed in between songs and the engineer will make changes accordingly.

Not every sound check will be the same the above “Sound checks at gigs” is an example of what some engineers would do.

If you are giving a time to turn up to do a sound check, make sure that you (and your band) turn before this and be prepared to start the sound check at this time.

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