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The Secret Bedroom – 31st March 2010

The Secret Bedroom, Wednesday 31st March, 7.00pm, Voodoo Rooms Ballroom


The Secret Bedroom

The Secret Bedroom 31st March 2010

Edinburgh open mic night Out Of The Bedroom has been encouraging local acts to take their songs out of the bedroom and onto the stage since 2001 and is something of an institution in the Capital. Together with Secret CDs, a website and monthly music night which showcases local talent, OOTB is putting on an exciting fundraising gig on Wednesday, 31st March at top Edinburgh music venue The Voodoo Rooms called The Secret Bedroom.  Doors open at 7.00 p.m. and entry price is £5.

“The Secret Bedroom is a great mix of local up-and-coming talent alongside an already successful local band who will headline the show” commented Publicity Officer Cameron Robinson.  “The idea is to reel people in with the familiar headliners, and then knock their socks off with top quality, little known support acts. On top of that, we are really excited to prove to people that if you are a local musician just starting up and thinking of giving it a bash, then taking part in and supporting OOTB is a real way into the scene, and a framework to move on to bigger and better gigs in the future.  And who knows what from there…?”

Local Edinburgh-based groove trio gecko 3 will be headlining the night and are ten year veterans of the Edinburgh Music scene. Their exploits include gigs in the US and across mainland Europe as well as collaborations with many of the UK’s top musicians including KT Tunstall. Support for the evening comes in the form of a choice crop of capital talent featuring Matt Norris & the Moon, Emily Scott and The Beggar Girls.

Doors are at 7.00pm and entry fee is £5

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    Im hosting an Open Mic Night Calendar for UK based events. Im looking for contributions from event organisers to get the calendar going. If you have an Open Mic Night coming up, let me know!

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