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OOTB 440 + Lost Telegrams

OOTB Presents…

So, that’s it. Festival’s over, now we can get back to enjoying ourselves properly without all those arts types in the way! Students are back soon too, so they’ll be (hopefully) looking for all the best events on offer.

Speaking of which we’ve got something on offer for you on Tuesday (6 Sep), it’s Lost Telegrams at Out of the Bedroom. Not only do we get a featured act set from these creators of acoustic goodness, but we’ll also have two hours of open slots guaranteed to be filled by some of Edinburgh’s most impressive talents. No BS, i’m serious, the standard is really high at OOTB. And that’s at The Montague Bar on Tuesday at 8pm, for free! 7:30pm if you want to sign up for a slot to perform.

Then it’s the return of Secret CDs on Wednesday 7 Sep at The Voodoo Rooms. It’s only £3 for four acts, and this month the acts are: Lost Telegrams (hmm, that name sounds familiar!), Sam Barber and the Outcasts, Annette Chapman, and The Aspect (an electro-folk duo i believe) and that’s at 8pm at The Voodoo Rooms.

Also on Wednesday, Caro Bridges and the River are supporting Karima Francis at

Sneaky Pete’s on the Cowgate from 7-10pm, tickets are £6 and Caro Bridges is the first act on. 

The usual festivities are happening at the Ale House at 9:30pm on Friday, and at the Blue Blazer on Sunday at 8pm. Both free, both have open slots, and the Listening Room at the Blue Blazer has got The Sundancer as the featured act this week so pop in to that, it sounds good.

I don’t think i’ll be running a competition any time soon on this mailing list, just to follow that up for those who read last week’s email. Out of the bulging mailsack of two responses, only 50% were actually positive about the idea, it doesn’t bode well for the number of people who might enter the competition.

Next week has a bunch of stuff on as well, it’s Supermarionation giving us a featured act set at OOTB, and next Wednesday (14 Sep) it’s the first ever Edinburgh Unlimited featuring Donna Maciocia, Matt Norris and the Moon, Tim Holehouse, and Gipsy Rufina, all for only £2! We need to make this a hugely stonking night so come along, and most importantly get your friends (who like music) to all come along too. Also, at least two of them are touring acts (not local) so you’re unlikely to get the chance again in a hurry. (oh yeah, and please “like” the facebook group too)

Okay, thank you, music lovers, see you all soon!

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom

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