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OOTB 441 – Supermarionation!


Hi everybody, right i’ve got two gigs to tell you about and two important announcements. Really important ones, so don’t skip this email. All your friends will be talking about it and you’ll be the only one left out of the loop. 🙂 

While i’m here, let me welcome any new subscribers to the list. There are a few people receiving this weekly mailout for the first time, and basically i just wanted to hello. Hello!

This week the featured act at OOTB is Supermarionation. That’s right, Edinburgh’s hard rockin’ wailers are coming to The Montague Bar to give us an acoustic set on Tuesday 13 Sep! Doors 8pm (7:30pm to sign up for a floorspot), and it’s free.

And on Wednesday 14 Sep it’s the long awaited launch of Edinburgh Unlimited at Medina, it’s the spiritual successor to Edinburgh Unplugged, except bigger, better, juicier! Doors open 8pm, it’s at Medina, 45-47 Lothian Street, it’s only £2 to get in, and you get to see four acts. This time they are: Donna Maciocia, Matt Norris and the Moon, Tim Holehouse, and Gipsy Rufina. They all have websites so fire up google if you’re on the fence, and have a listen, but take it from me £2 for all this is a bona fide bargain! It’s the big launch night this Wednesday, though there’s another Edinburgh Unlimited on 28 Sep, and another on 12 October, so stick those in your diary. More info available on the FB page

Now to the announcements, first of all it’s our TENTH ANIVERSARY coming up in November. Weve got three associated events, OOTB 448 (which falls on the exact ten year anniversary of the first ever OOTB), Secret CDs (which is the day after) and the big OOTB tenth anniversary extravaganza, which will be in the Bongo Club on Holyrood Road on Friday 4 November. There will be four acts (as yet unconfirmed) performing, and several floorspots, from OOTBers down the ages, and it’s pretty much an opportunity to get together and celebrate ten years of OOTB and see everyone again and all have a big knees up. The acts are still to be confirmed, but here are the rest of the details: It’s at The Bongo Club, it’s 7pm till 10pm (don’t be late!), it’s Friday 4 November and it costs just £5 admission, and all the money goes to OOTB. There will be a rather more extravagant raffle than usual, and all sorts of other excitements.

Now, back to the tenth anniversary covers night. That’s on 1 November and what we really want you to do is learn at least one cover song by another OOTBer past or present. You can do that, or some of your own stuff, but really we’re not looking for covers of your favourite Oasis or Radiohead songs, and that’s on 1 November at 8pm at The Montague Bar, another date for your diary. And that’s why i’m telling you about it now, to give you time to learn up your OOTB covers. Let’s do it, and make it special, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Get in touch with your favourite OOTBers and ask them for lyrics and chords, if you like, don’t be scared, they’re all lovely.

Actually, i’ve got more announcements for you i just realised. First of all, Pockets came along to OOTB on Tuesday, did a great set, and announced that he’s now running Edinburgh’s cheapest recording studio, The Noisy Pocket, so click the link and check it out. Oh yes, if you are using The Noisy Pocket, please let them know you heard about it from the OOTB list, it’s helpful for us and for them. 🙂

And also i just wanted to remind you to go to the Ale House open mic on Friday at 9:30pm and The Listening Room on Sunday at 8pm. I could do a whole run down of open mics (like the one at Noble’s on Thursday, or the one in Walkabout in the Omni, also on Thursday) but that’s another project really. Nevertheless, get involved, get around. It’s fun!

And that’s it for another week, hope to see you at OOTB and/or Edinburgh Unlimited, take care till then!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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