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Caro Bridges EP & upcoming gigs

This week our featured act at OOTB is Cameron Phair. He’s a great songwriter, a great performer, and a nice guy too. Come along this Thursday, you’ll like it. The usual open mic slots, chances to win big with the Silver Bag o’ Dreams and much more zany originalness will also be available this Thursday, an evening of fun for all the family.

By the way, OOTB performer Caro Bridges has just brought out a free online EP so please check it out. I think she’s really good, and i hope you will too. Once you’ve listened to it, why not give us your opinions by commenting below?

Speaking of Cameron Phair (as we were), he’s got an evening on tonight (free admission) at The Regent Bar, which is at the top of Abbeymount, it’s the third Regent Showcase, a sort of acoustic revue. I really enjoyed the last one and would urge you to go along tonight. For those with money in their pockets though, why not go to the Voodoo Rooms tonight? It’s Come On Gang!, Thank You So Nice and Lindsay and the Storm playing for a fiver.

Then tomorrow night (Wednesday 9th June) you can hear the incredible sounds of mayhew and Three Long Words at The Lot in the Grassmarket from 7pm for only £5. This is worth it, folks. In years to come, will you look back and think how great it was to be involved with the thriving music scene in Edinburgh? Now’s the time to go for it, Edinburgh’s music scene’s more vibrant now than i can remember it being for a long time.

It’s Out of the Bedroom on Thursday of course, and as usual, there’s the aptly named McEwan’s Ale House Open Mic on Friday from 9pm, and also at the McEwan’s Ale House on Saturday is the debut of a new fortnightly event run by Nick Splinter Smith, and this Saturday it’s Nick Splinter Smith Presents… Calum Carlyle. Starting at 10pm, It’ll be an informal acoustic evening with me (Calum) playing some of my songs solo. Free admission. Then on Sunday, come along to The Blue Blazer for the ever popular Listening Room at 8pm, it’s also free.

I may as well tell you about next week while we’re here, because i really want to mention the gig next Tuesday at Electric Circus. It’s twelve bands for a fiver, ranging from rock to pop to acoustic to decks ‘n’ drums, however most relevantly it’s the first ever outing for my new band. At the moment, we’re just called Calum Carlyle and Friends, and we’ll be doing a twenty minute set, along with eleven other bands. I’m quite excited about it, to be honest, and as i say it’s at Electric Circus on Tuesday 15th June starting at 6pm. Realistically, our band’ll be on somewhere between about 7:45pm and 9:30pm, but i’ve heard a few of the other bands and they’re all worth hearing so get there early. It’s £5 on the door or £4 in advance. All the profits go to the charity Cash For Kids.

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