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OOTB 405 – The Last of Barrett’s Privateers

The Last of Barratt’s Privateers are the featured act in this week’s Out of the Bedroom, in The Tron on Thursday at 8pm. It’s free, and to be frank, they’re awesome. They’re like modern Scottish bluegrass, and you may recognise one or two of the band members too. There’s no musical reason these guys shouldn’t be charging several quid to get into one of their gigs, see them now while you can for free.And that brings me neatly to something i have been wanting to say on this list for a wee while. Every time i go to Out of the Bedroom, i am impressed by the high standard of performances, and the range of styles. Not only that, the whole evening is free to get into. Despite this, people still tell me they think open mic nights are rubbish and most acoustic performers are samey and boring. If you think this, then i am 100% certain you aren’t going out to enough quality music nights. Either that or you just don’t like much music, and if that’s the case, why are you even on this mailing list?

All i’m saying is, i go to quite a lot of music nights in Edinburgh and beyond, many of them acoustic nights, and many of them featuring one or two performers who play at OOTB, or who have played there in the past. I like to think i have a discerning ear, and i know who i like most, musically, and why. With this in mind, i think Edinburgh is heaving with great acts, and many of them are playing free gigs the whole time. In short, i cannot in any way agree with anyone telling me that they think our evenings don’t contain a wealth of good performances. I’m not even trying to big up OOTB here, i’m actually trying to acknowledge the immense amount of talented songwriters who have graced us with their music. I mean last week it was Caro Bridges, and she’s really good as well. I can’t remember the last time i didn’t enjoy the OOTB feature act in fact.

I, and the rest of the committee, have worked hard to make OOTB the night it is, and we will continue to do so, for your enjoyment, and i hope that you will continue to come along to OOTB in the future, not out of a sense of obligation, but because you might enjoy it. We hope you will. Don’t get me wrong, i think criticism is good for a performer or songwriter as it helps them improve, that’s why we like to have reviews of our nights (though this is now on hiatus for the foreseeable future again sadly), but lazy criticism from people who haven’t even been along to the evening they are criticising anytime in the past year really has no value other than to create bad feeling.Now i’ve said that, just want to lighten the mood and tell you about some of the overwhelming amount of stuff that’s on in Edinburgh this week. There’s a lot of it, and here’s just a sample:

Tonight (Tuesday) it’s Acoustic Edinburgh at Medina featuring Edwina Hayes, Player Piano and Stanley Odd! – It’s at 8pm, and Acoustic Edinburgh is on every Tuesday during the Fringe Festival. It costs to get in during the Festival though, but it is very worth it. Also tonight it’s another Regent Showcase in the Regent Bar at the top of Abbeymount and Easter Road, starting at 8:30pm i believe, this one is free, and features a selection of Edinburgh’s acoustic performers and at least one comedian. I’ve been to one or two of these and it’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere. You’ll enjoy it. Honest. 🙂

Susanna Macdonald‘s Fringe show Experimentalista is in full swing, and tonight’s your last chance for a two-for-one deal on the tickets, though it’s worth seeing any time in the month.The Listening Room‘s still on on Sunday during the Festival (except on Fireworks night) at 8pm, in the Blue Blazer on Spittal Street and Bread Street, for two hours of open slots, so much eclectecism will be going on there. Also, Word Of Mouth coffee shop on Albert Street are offering a 20% discount during the whole month of August if you quote “facebook”. Bit cheeky of me to repeat that here, so if you do take advantage of this, please join their FB group. Also, while i remember, there’s an open mic night at Word of Mouth on 20th August (a week on Friday i think)? I’ll not be able to go myself, because i’m playing a gig in Bannerman’s that night (which you’re all welcome to come along to, though i think it’s a couple of quid to get in). Anyway, Word of Mouth on 20th August, they run a good open mic night, every time i’ve been along, very diverse, and everybody gets a fair hearing. Starts at 7pm for 7:30 and it’s free.


Now, The Banshee Labyrinth on Niddry Street are host to a few music nights during the Fringe, courtesy of Bainbridge Music, and the one i want to tell you about is on Sunday 15th August, at 7pm. Apart from anything else Neoviolet are playing (which is rare at the moment), and on the same bill you can hear me (Calum Carlyle & Sam Bradley) as well, all for free!!!

Hannah O’Reilly and Andy Valentine are playing at McEwan’s Ale House on Saturday 14th, it’s free too and it’s at 10pm.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) it’s Secret CDs at the Phoenix Cellar Bar, at 8pm too, £2 entry, and well worth it. This months the acts are Collar Up, Freight, Kat McKenzie and Michael O’NeilAlso in the Phoenix Cellar Bar, the following Wednesday (18th) it’s Matt James with his highly interesting percussive guitar style, releasing his new CD “Cyan”. Supporting acts are Hannah O’Reilly, Aos Si and Jym Ponter. Not sure how much it costs to get in but it’ll be reasonable. Not to be missed, since Matt James is not based in Edinburgh anymore.This Friday (13th!) at The Big Red Door it’s Banana Sessions – i caught both of their sets at the Wickerman Festival and i can heartily recommend them to you. Zed Penguins are on too, and though i’ve not heard them yet, i bet they’re awesome too. Go along, and have some fun. It’s on at 8:30pm and it’s one of your last chances to see a gig at the BRD.

I just know there’s a ton of stuff i haven’t mentioned. Sorry if your event was one of them. Okay, off you go, at least one gig a night now, and no excuses! 🙂

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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