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OOTB 406 – Les Petits Maitres

Hello again everybody. This week our feature act are Petits Maitres. They haven’t got a myspace that i can find, i haven’t (to my knowledge) heard them perform. Sorry if you wanted a rundown of what they’re like, looks like you’ll just have to turn up to OOTB and find out by listening to them! I plan to anyway. More havoc and craziness this week as OOTB continues to drag itself through the Festival in the top bar of the hot and sweaty Tron….

Also, I received the following email from Norman Lamont, see if you are interested in being part of this Leonard Cohen tribute event…

I’m working with a small venue to promote a Leonard Cohen tribute evening some time in October. The idea is each person would play one, or maybe two, Cohen songs. There’d be a charge at the door and all proceeds would go to a charity, to be selected yet. At this stage I’m just looking to see who’d be interested, as there’s a question mark over the size of the venue.

Anyone interested, please drop me a line at biz@normanlamont.com

There’s no guarantee of a place for anyone – it all depends on numbers and venue but people can register interest with me. There’s no need to choose a song now.

Tons of other stuff on of course, Matt James is launching his new CD at the Phoenix Cellar Bar tomorrow (Wednesday), with support from Aos Si, Hannah O’Reilly and Jym Ponter, it’s at 6:30pm and costs a fiver.

Andi Neate is playing a show at the Jazz Bar on Thursday at 7:30pm, sorry but i’ll be at OOTB!

Tonight at Medina, Acoustic Edinburgh presents Emily Scott, Jo Mango, and the incredible Banana Sessions. It’s not free during the Festival, as far as i know, but who cares, you’re only young once, right? Personally I’m off to see Susanna Macdonald‘s Experimentalista show tonight (having been kept away by prior engagements and a cold till now).

On the 24th August, which is a week today (Tuesday) there’s another Regent Showcase, unsurprisingly, at the Regent Bar, it’s free, it starts at 8:30 and it’s a whole lot of fun in a bun.

Every Sunday The Listening Room is still chugging away, open slots in The Blue Blazer on Sunday from 8pm to 10pm. Again, a lot of fun, seems you get a lot of interesting performers at the Blazer during the Festival.

The Big Red Door are having a craft sale on the 21st August (which is Saturday) at 10am, oh yes, the Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street is doing something similar on Saturdays now too, except it’s more of a market with produce and so on, you can get your weekly shopping in! That’s 10am till 2pm every Saturday.

This Friday (the 20th) at 7:30pm at Word of Mouth Cafe on Albert Street, there’s another open mic night. As you know, i think it’s an excellent one, so do come along. it’s free, and it’s fun.

Oh yes! Nearly forgot, I’m going on tour starting on Saturday, so if you live anywhere in the UK (except down south), then do come along, or if you know someone out in the sticks, tell them to go along to one of our more rural gigs. More details here anyway.

Sorry if you have an event i missed off this list, it can be difficult compiling a relevant list of gigs, especially during the festival. Anyway, see you all on Thursday (if you can fit into the tiny Tron top bar that is!)

Calum Carlyle
Oyut of the Bedroom

PS –  i just realised i forgot to mention Fanattica’s final ever gig! It’s THIS SATURDAY in Henry’s Cellar Bar at 7pm. Too important for me not to tell you, so i’m sending this little PS. More details on the FB event page here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141989199168493

See you all out there in musicland!

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