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OOTB 412 – Paper Truth

OOTB Presents…

Welcome to another week! Click the links! Go to the gigs! Get involved! Do it now before it’s too late!!!

Okay, this week the featured act is Paper Truth, a quirky and original songwriter that you may have heard at Out of the Bedroom recently, and if you were at January’s Edinburgh Unplugged, you’ve heard him for sure. Well, you can get another dose of his to-the-point pop on Tuesday (22 Feb) at the Montague Bar on the corner of Montague and St Leonards Streets.

While i’m at it, hope you’ve all seen the review of OOTB 410, it were a good ‘un. Nice to get a review as well, so thanks, chaps, for doing this.

Also, might i mention the OOTB AGM? For the first time in over a year and a half, we’re having an Out of the Bedroom Annual General Meeting to elect a new committee and discuss many things which relate to the running of the night. If you want to get involved with Out of the Bedroom in any way, then come along to the OOTB AGM on 24th March. Time and location are still to be confirmed, but what’s life without a bit of uncertainty, after all?

Okay, now onto a few current events. Today (Sun 20 Feb), there are tons. at 3pm, Red Dog Music have got the Ordinary Allstars at 3pm (for free), then at 5pm at The Forest it’s the TransCollectiV (featuring Nick Splinter Smith), also for free. Then at 8pm you’ve got a choice. It’s The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer from 8pm, featuring John Mowbray from Fanattica, or else it’s Tim Holehouse and Duncan from Electric Mud Generator playing at Forest (also 8pm, also free).

Tomorrow (Mon 21 Feb), migrant volunteers invite you to attend an evening of stories, songs and poems on the theme of love, featuring Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands. It’s from 6pm to 9pm at the Fort Community Wing on North Fort Street, and i’m fairly certain it’s free. I’ll certainly be checking this out.

On Thursday (24 Feb) at Cab Vol, it’s The Industry, Three Long Words and Curators. It’s a 7pm start and it’s £4 to get in. It’s been a while since i’ve been to see some impressive young rock bands, so i think i’ll be at that one too, if the good lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise…

On Friday (25 Feb) at Word Of Mouth (on the corner of Albert Street and Leith Walk), it’s an LGBT open mic night in support of LGBT gay / lesbian / transgender History Month. It’s free to get in, BYOB, and it’s 7pm-10pm.

Then on Saturday 26 Feb Underclass are launching their single at the Bongo Club, i assume it’s a 7pm start because they told me they’d be on just before 9pm (though i am sure their support acts are worth checking out too, though again, they didn’t tell me who they were). £5 admission.

Also on Saturday 26 Feb you could go and see Supermarionation (featuring OOTB regular Steve Tonge) at Cabaret Voltaire, also starring Night Noise Team, UKReign and The Regiment, £6 entry, 7pm start.

Then on Sunday we’re back to where we started! More music listings from me next week, hope to see you out there at one of these events, it’s great fun, i promise you. Especially the new look Out of the Bedroom at the Montague.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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