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OOTB 413 – James Whyte + other musical delights

Welcome to the week! The sun is out and everybody’s happy even though it’s Monday.

Okay, this Tuesday (tomorrow, 1 March) at OOTB our featured act is James Whyte, who has some excellent songs, and is rarely heard in a live setting these days, certainly not for a full half hour set. Come along and check it out, and of course all the open slots will be up for grabs as usual. 8pm start, 7:30pm to sign up, at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

There’s an OOTB special event i have to tell you about too. at 3pm at Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket (across the road from The Lot) on Sunday 6 March, I will be hosting a special Out of the Bedroom “Hair of the Dog Open Couch Session”. I’ll be there with my guitar from 3pm to 4:30pm and basically we’ll just sit on the couch and pass the guitar round, and if you play a mandolin or a melodica or something, please bring it along too and join in. It’ll be a lot less formal that Out of the Bedroom, and hopefully a lot of fun. It’s a one-off too, to some extent, so don’t miss it, and i’ll hopefully see you all there.

Other things happening this week include Secret CDs number 40, yet another excellent lineup, here’s the lineup for this month:

LIPSYNC FOR A LULLABY www.myspace.com/lipsyncforalullaby
Post-rock band Lipsync for a Lullaby is a strings-driven five-piece playing classical harmonies, beats of slo-core, metal gore, remains of post-rock, ashes of punk with new EP ‘The Lonely Blues’.
Based in Glasgow after making her name in Edinburgh, Iona’s unique mix of melodic folk and ambient electronica has been captured on a 10” EP with HMS Ginafore (Fence Collective).
From the Borders The Dull Fudds play an inspired mix of styles in an upbeat self-deprecating crackers fashion. Katie and Jenny will be playing a pared-down set of ‘Fudds favourites.
Relatively new to the Edinburgh acoustic scene but writing music since aged 10. Hannah uses guitars, ukuleles and a trio of clones, when playing songs about death, love, toes and zoo animals.

I personally think each of these performers is worth the entrance price alone, so to get all four of them at once is excellent. And that’s on this Wednesday (2 March) at the Voodoo Rooms on West Register Street at 8pm.

Oh yes, tonight (28 February) at Maggie’s Chambers on the Cowgate, it’s Something Illustrated, The Amsterdams and Hot Cassandra at 7:30pm. I can’t remember the admission cost, but i’m guessing £5 or £4. Here’s the link anyway.

What else… oh yes, remember the McEwan’s Ale House open mic on Friday, at 9pm, across the road from the old Odeon on Clerk Street.

I’m just going to quickly mention FAWM again. Hundreds of songwriters the world over have been writing songs throughout February, and this year there have been more from Edinburgh than ever before. Here are some demos of the songs to check out:
Songwriters from Edinburgh
Songwriters from Midlothian
Songwriters from East Lothian
And remember to check out songs by people from round the world too, click here for a good list to get you started.

One or two other quick things, remember it’s the OOTB AGM on 24th March, venue and time still to be confirmed, but it’s a big meeting which you should come along to if you want to help out at OOTB. More details on the website nearer the time.

Also, just wanted to mention i’m hatching a plot to give readers of this list a free mp3 every week from a performer who has played at Out of the Bedroom. Watch this space for more details. Don’t know quite how soon it’ll be up and running, but i just wanted to make you aware that readers of this list will soon be able to look forward to more than just my gig listings and related ramblings.

That’s about it for this week, remember to check your myspaces and facebooks for gigs from your favourite bands, and i’ll be back next week to tell you about more good, inexpensive musical events (including the much anticipated Edinburgh Unplugged vol. 3).

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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