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OOTB 414 – James Igoe!

Hi there everybody and welcome to March! 🙂

Right, first of all if you’re reading this on Sunday (6 March) before 3pm then get yourself down to Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket for the Hair of the Dog Open Couch Session. I’m hosting it, and basically we’ll all just pass a guitar around and do a song each, and if you bring your mandolin/xylophone/nose flute/saxophone etc then you can play along too. That’s at 3pm at Red Dog Music and it’s free.

This Tuesday (8 March) at Out of the Bedroom 414 the featured act is James Igoe! You’ve seen him at Secret CDs, you may (if you’re lucky) have heard him do one or two songs here and there but i can’t remember the last time he did a half hour set, so don’t miss this. Some open slots available as well of course, so come along to the Montague Bar on Tuesday at 8pm (7:30pm for performers).

A Wedding Ball In Aid Of The MS Society Scotland

A Wedding Ball In Aid Of The MS Society Scotland

Oh here’s a news item, it’s the return of the OOTB web forums! Well, pretty much. If you go to the Out of the Bedroom website, you’ll see a link to the web forums, it’s a new web board called “Songwriters Anonymous, Songwriters Advance!” and the OOTB website has teamed up with them to provide you all with a web board to communicate with each other, and with other songwriters round the world. A couple of OOTB folk are already using the board, as are plenty of other interesting songwriters and musicians, so bookmark it and make it one of your regular hangouts.

Back to today (Sunday 6 March), i heard a rumour that it’s Lisa Rigby doing the featured act slot at tonight’s Listening Room at the Blue Blazer, however the Listenig Room’s myspace fails to confirm this, so take your chances (no it’s okay, facebook says it’s Lisa Rigby anyway), open slots from 8pm, featured act from 9pm.

You can, however, hear Lisa’s band Townhouse in full on Wednesday night (9 March) at Edinburgh Unplugged, which is in the basement bar of The Royal Oak on Infirmary Street. The gig starts at 8pm and it’s only £2 to get in, and you get to hear four bands! Get there promptly if you want a proper seat, by the way. The full lineup this Wednesday is: Townhouse, The Wild Myrtles, The Graeme Mearns Band, and Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal, all playing fully acoustically!

Let’s see, on Thursday (10 March) you can see Augustalia and the Remnant Kings at the Caley Sample Rooms at 8pm, i’m not sure how much it costs, but there it is.

One other thing i wanted to mention to you is a “Wedding Ball” which is happening in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland. It’s at Teviot Row House at 8pm on Thursday 21st of April, and you’re encouraged to go wearing wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, top hats and tails, and all the usual wedding finery. And it’s all in a good cause of course.

Finally, Darren Thornberry‘s just put a whole lot of free download songs on his reverbnation page, so go get ’em while they’re hot!

Hmm, that’s it for this week i think, see you at Red Dog this afternoon (and on Tuesday!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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