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OOTB 417 – Lorraine McCauley’s Farewell Gig + FREE MP3

Hi everybody,

We’ve got a very special featured act for you this week, it’s Lorraine McCauley. She’s moving to England very shortly, and this will be her final gig before she goes. Don’t miss it! Seriously, don’t. That’s at Out of the Bedroom 417, at the Montague Bar, 8pm start (7:30pm if you want to perform in one of the open slots), and it’s free to get in!

If that’s not enough for you, this week we’re beginning our “Featured MP3 series, and to kick us off, it’s an excellent song from Lorraine McCauley:

Haunt Me by Lorraine McCauley
Here’s an alternative download link (right click to save)

Lorraine’s very very good, and you can hear more of her music on her myspace page. Now, be aware this mp3 will only be available on the OOTB website for the next three weeks, so get it quick while it’s hot.

Now, we had our AGM last week and elected the new OOTB committee, which is as follows:

Chairman: Daniel Davis
Secretary: Nyk Stoddart
Treasurer: Steve Osborne
Sound Officer: Malcolm Mclean
Events Officer: Tom Watton
Web Officer: Calum Carlyle

I’ll be updating the website with a nice friendly “meet the gang” page sometime soon.

Right, on to the upcoming events…

Tonight (Sun 27 Mar) it’s Emma Kullander at the Listening Room, at the Blue Blazer on Bread Street, open slots from 8pm, Emma is on from 9pm, and it’s free.

Also tonight (Sunday 27th March) at Whistle Binkies on Niddry Street. Supermarionation (http://www.supermarionation.co.uk) will be live and on stage at about 9:30pm for a good 45 minutes. And it’s free.

And then there’s OOTB on Tuesday at the Montague and also the Ale House open mic at 9:30pm in the Ale House on Clerk Street on Friday (1 April, but also every Friday). There are a lot more gigs going on by the way, but most of the gig invites i’ve had recently have been bands that haven’t ever come along to OOTB, so i can’t really justify pushing them here, but check your FB inbox and i bet you’ll find a ton of good gigs to go to.

Okay, don’t miss Lorraine on Tuesday, and keep an eye on www.outofthebedroom.co.uk for details of who we’ve got coming up in future weeks, there will be some special performances for sure (plenty of you missed Colin Milne‘s excellent performance last week, plenty of you did come along though, and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as i did. But don’t worry, I’m going to put him on at Edinburgh Unplugged soon i hope, so you can come and hear him in all his acoustic glory).

Oh yes, and remember to go and check out the web forums, there are plenty of songwriters already hanging out there, go and make some connections or find a new performer to enjoy. Ok, see you out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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