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OOTB 418 – Andy Paul + FREE MP3!!!!

Hullo, hullo, hullo!

So, it’s been rockin’ at Out of the Bedroom recently, we had a particularly breathtaking brace of performers last week, many of them totally new to OOTB. If you’re only coming along to see your favourites, then you’re probably missing the best stuff, it’s as simple as that.

One performer who’s been excellent every time he’s played is Andy Paul, who’s our featured act this week at the Montague on Tuesday. He’s not been in evidence at OOTB for a few weeks, so if you want to catch him (and you really should, he’s got catchy, quirky and original songs by the bunchload) then you’ll need to come along to OOTB this week. 8pm at the Montague Bar on Tuesday 5 April.

What else have we got for you in the silver bag o’ dreams this week? It’s a FREE AND TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE MP3 from Darren Thornberry!Darren Thornberry is a past president of OOTB now living in Colorado, USA. His band, Thorn’s Musical Journey, was formed right here in Edinburgh and is an ongoing international collaborative. Incidentally, for this song, Darren recorded his guitar/vocal in Colorado, and guitarist Ross Baird added his parts in Edinburgh – making what we hope you agree is a lovely transatlantic song.


“WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN?” (right click to save)


By the way, i hope you got your free Lorraine McCauley download from last week, if not, then hotfoot it over to the OOTB website and download it because these mp3s will be removed from the site after three weeks! Also, tell all your mates to sign up for the newsletter if they’d like the free MP3s as well, would you? In fact tell everyone you meet, what a great way to make new friends! 🙂

Okay…  some upcoming events for you, though as usual, there will be many more if you keep your eyes and ears open. Here are a few that i know about though:

Tuesday 5 April – it’s Out of the Bedroom at the Montague Bar, it’s free, starts at 8pm, and the featured act is the highly talented Andy Paul.

Wednesday 6 April – It’s Secret CDs XXXXI, featuring Birdhead, Polly and the Billets Doux, Sparrahawk, and Rosie Nimmo. All this for only £3 at the Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy, 19a West Register Street at 8pm.

Thursday 7 AprilLipsync For A Lullaby are performing at the TT April Fool’s Memorial at Henry’s Cellar Bar, just off Lothian Road at 8pm. Also featuring Tokamak, and Sileni vs. COWTSHTF

Also on Thursday 7 April, the READeasy Writers’ Group is on at the Forest Cafe at 6pm.

Friday 8 AprilJump Press A are playing a set at the Scrapbrain single launch at Maggie’s Chamber on the Cowgate, and so are Lady North and Art of Privilege, at 7:30pm. And it’s only £3.

Sunday 10 April – It’s the launch of the new CD by Lindsay and The Storm at the Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy, 19a West Register Street at 7.30pm (finishing by 10pm). It’s £4/£3 (and CDs at bargain price!), and there will be support slots from James Whyte, and Caro Bridges And The River.

And while i’m here, just wanted to remind you to buy your tickets for the Wedding Ball on 21 April, in aid of the MS Society Scotland. It’s at Teviot Row House at 8pm on Thursday 21 April, and you’re encouraged to go wearing wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, top hats and tails, and all the usual wedding finery. And it’s all in a good cause of course. Buy your tickets here.

Okay, great, tons of stuff’s happening, it’s all good, don’t waste this week watching dodgy reruns from last decade on the TV, get out there are experience some live music. And get everybody else you know along as well, they might enjoy it if they tried it! See you all on Tuesday…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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