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OOTB 423 with Hannah Werdmuller + a free MP3!

Good Morning!!!!!

OOTB was awesome last week, if you don’t believe me (or even if you do), here are some pictures by the unstoppable Malcolm Mclean. This week’s going to be awesome too, it’s HANNAH WERDMULLER who’s the featured act. 8pm start, 7:30pm for musicians wanting to sign up for an open slot. And as always it’s free. And that’s at the Montague Bar on the corner of Montague and St Leonards Streets.

Right, here’s a free mp3 for you, from OOTB regular TINA AVERY. The song’s called Travel Writing, and it’s a song you could very well hear live if you come along to Out of the Bedroom.

Tina says: “My songs are stories, new and old, with simple acoustic guitar accompaniment.  Sometime in 2011 there will be a MySpace where you can hear a few more…”

(right click to save)

Right, onto the week’s events.

Firstly, today (Sun 8 May), you can go and see a free performance of early music composed for viola da gamba (viol) from the 16th to 17th century (that’s when the music’s from, not when the performance is). It’s at 3pm today, at Blackwell’s bookshop (on Nicolson Street, opposite the Old College), and as i said, it’s free.

Also today (Sun 8 May) at 8pm, it’s The Listening Room featuring SCOTT RENTON who used to run OOTB almost singlehandedly by all reports! Anyway, he’s a great performer as well, so go and see him at the Blue Blazer on the corner of Spittal and Bread Streets. 8pm for the open slots, 9pm for Scott Renton, and it’s free.

Then on Tuesday 10th May it’s OOTB featuring HANNAH WERDMULLER. She’s moving away to the USA for good very shortly, so catch this stunning performer while you can. I know she’s doing one further gig later this month but why wait?

Then on Wednesday 11th May, it’s Edinburgh Unplugged. Only £2 for four acts! It starts at 8pm and it’s in the downstairs bar of the Royal Oak on Infirmary Street, and this month the acts are COLIN MILNE, MAN GONE MISSING, THE FORGET-ME-NOTS, and CONSCIOUS ROUTE. Honestly, for £2, that’s the best value night out in Edinburgh (except OOTB of course!).

On Friday, remember to pop along to the Ale House (opposite the old Odeon on Clerk Street) from 9:30pm for the open mic night, it’s always good fun, and it attracts a brace of good performers and general all round nice types. Free too, how can anyone complain?

Then on Saturday 14 May you could go and see NIGHT NOISE TEAM launching their album at Sneaky Pete’s on the Cowgate. It’s only £5, it’s a 7pm start and support comes from SANNA.

Then next Sunday (15 May) at Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket, SUPERMARIONATION will be playing in store and acoustic at Red Dog at 3pm. This is their first ever acoustic show and they’ll be reworking some of their regular numbers in a quieter way as well as performing some rarer numbers. It’s free, don’t miss it.

And if that’s not enough for you, the Captain’s Bar (just round the side of the Old College) has music on most nights, check out their music schedule here for more information.

Whew! That’s enough of that for now, i’m off to get my breakfast i think, what a way to wake up on a Sunday!

Okay, come to all the gigs, tell all your friends, and remember to buy all the artists’ CDs etc when you go to the gigs, they’re a lot better value than buying drink, that’s for sure, and with a lot of local acts you never know if you’ll get the chance to buy their CDs again. Support local and grassroots music!

Peace, see you all on Tuesday…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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