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OOTB 422 – FREE FOR ALL + Free MP3!

Hi everybody and welcome to the warm half of the year!

That’s Beltane been and gone and what auspicious sunny weather we’ve had, and long may it continue. It bodes well for explosions of spontaneous music in parks, streets and gardens, that’s for sure…

Okay, this week at OOTB the featured act is… nobody! What’s this! no featured act at OOTB? That’s right, just for once we’re having a break from the featured acts for ONE WEEK ONLY, so get yourself along and take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the start of summer by grabbing an open slot. Our current venue, The Montague Bar, is going to be great in the summer, with all the big windows to let in the sun. So yeah, NEXT week (Tue 10 May) it’s the final ever Edinburgh gig from the incomparable Hannah Werdmuller, who’s going away forever, after one final gig at OOTB, but THIS week (Tue 3 May) it’s all open slots. Come down, you never know, all your favourite musicians might be there. 🙂

Right, time for a free MP3… Well this time it’s Francie Jones. Remember her? She’s really good, but she too has now gone back to the United States, but never fear, she’s sent us this song across the Atlantic, it’s called Los Angeles.


(right click to save file)

Now then, now then, Secret CDs this week features: Adam Holmes and the Embers,The Beggar GirlsLindsay And The Storm, and Paul Gladwell. All this for just £3, and it’s at The Voodoo Rooms at 8pm on Wed 4 May.

BUT WAIT, TONIGHT (Sun 1 May) it’s Miyagi at The Listening Room, it’s at The Blue Blazer, starting at 8pm, and it’s free!

And this afternoon (Sun 1 May) (VERY soon as i write this) i will be hosting another OOTB open couch session at Red Dog Music at 3pm. We’ll just sing a song each and all join in with each other’s stuff. Bring your harmonicas, shakey eggs, trumpets, mandolins, ‘cellos and accordions (well, maybe not your accordions then…).

In fact, i’d better go and get ready for that, see you all out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom


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