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OOTB 424 with Jason Kyrone plus another free MP3!!!

OOTB Presents…

Hello music lovers! OOTB 423 was indeed great, here are Malcolm McLean’s pictures of the night. This week it’s Jason Kyrone who will be gracing us with his wide ranging singer-songwriting talents. Come to OOTB at The Montague Bar at 8pm on Tuesday (7:30pm to sign up for an open slot) and be part of the action. 🙂

Before we go on I wanted to share with you a piece of prose writing by Colin Milne called On The Riviera. Colin performed this at OOTB a few weeks ago, and has kindly given us permission to reproduce the text here on the OOTB website. Hope you enjoy it. It also gives me an opportunity for me to point out our “Lyrics And Writings” section of the website, if you have any poetry or prose you’d like to share with the list, just let me know.

This week’s featured mp3 is by… me! Yes, while we’re giving away an MP3 every week, i thought i might as well join in. If you too want to give away an MP3 in this mailing list, then send your mp3 and a bit of a blurb about your music to: outofthebedroom@gmail.com and i’ll make sure it gets included.

In the meantime, here’s an acoustic demo recording of a song which will be on my next album “Vicious Circle”. That album’s going to be on vinyl, but it’s not going to be out until 2012, it’ll be a full size rock album, but in the meantime check out this stripped down demo version of In All Things There Is A Proper Order. Special thanks to OOTB chairman Daniel Davis for recording this song, this demo is actually the sound of me writing the song into a microphone.

Calum Carlyle – In All Things There Is A Proper Order

(right click to download)

Also in the meantime, check out all these links to my existing music:



Colin Milne

Colin Milne


Okay, this week’s events…

Tonight (Sun 15 May) it’s touring musician from York, Mark Wynn at The Listening Room (at The Blue Blazer, open slots 8pm to 9pm, Mark Wynn from 9pm to 10pm).

On Tuesday at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, it’s Out of the Bedroom 424 featuring Jason Kyrone, an interesting songwriter with rich songs. Check out a sample of his music on our event page. It’s an 8pm start to the evening, or 7:30pm if you want to sign up for an open slot.

On Wednesday 18th May at the Melville Lounge, from 8:30pm, it’s an Acoustic Open Mic Night. You need to contact them in advance if you’d like to play, here’s the FB event.

On Friday 20 May, it’s The Elements and Paul Gilbody at The One Below on Rutland Street. It’s 8pm for 9pm and it’s a fiver to get in.

Also on Friday 20 May, Bainbridge Music presents a free gig at Nobles Bar, on Constitution Street in Leith. The bands are Echo Arcadia and The Remnant Kings, first band are on at 10pm, and it’s free, as i said!

On Saturday 21 May, The Alibis (the band of OOTBer Gareth Fitzgerald) are playing at Electric Circus on Sat May 21st (7pm), not sure what it costs, but i’m sure it’ll be more than reasonable!

Also on Saturday 21 May, Peter Michael Rowan is performing at The Captain’s Bar (it’s round the side of the Old College, off Nicolson Street) Not sure of the start time, but i’m betting it’s 8pm or 8:30pm.

Next Sunday (Sun 22 May) it’s The Ferny Brackens at The Listening Room (at The Blue Blazer, open slots 8pm to 9pm, Ferny Brackens from 9pm to 10pm).

Also on Sunday 22 May, Lipsync For A Lullaby, and The Black Diamond Express are both performing with The Tinderbox Orchestra at Pilrig St Paul’s church on Leith Walk. It’s 7pm for 7:30pm, and it costs £7/5 to get in, and it’s BYOB for over 18s.

Phew! Fit that in your calendar! See you all out there in musicland, till next week…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom


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