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OOTB 425 featuring Bethia!

One of the things OOTB has always done is to support upcoming singer-songwriters, and this week we’re proud to present Bethia. She’s played several fifteen minute slots at OOTB since we restarted the night in January, and she’s very good, frankly, so this week she’s playing a half hour feature length slot. If you haven’t heard her, then this is a great opportunity to do so, and if you have heard her, you won’t need any further convincing.

I don’t know how it got to be Monday before i got a chance to do the OOTB email this week, but anyway, because of my tardiness, i’m skipping the featured MP3 this week, but that’s all the more reason for you to scour the free MP3s that are available so far on our website. There are some very good ones.

By the way, i did mention this once before but there’s a fairly new online discussion forum for songwriters, why not join up and get networking with some other online songwriters? The Songwriters Anonymous web board is a great resource for songwriters who are actually interested in songwriting and collaborating.

I’ve not got many gigs to tell you about this week, firstly there’s OOTB featuring Bethia on Tuesday 24th May, 8pm start, but get there by 7:30pm if you want to sign up for an open slot, and it’s free! and that’s at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

Then on Thursday 26th May there’s a gig on at Henry’s Cellar Bar you should probably check out. It begins at 8pm and only costs £4 to get in. The acts are:
Sea Bass Kid, an up-and-coming, Edinburgh based 5-piece, sporting a unique indie pop sound, flavoured with lashings of reggae, blues, folk and funk.
Conscious Route, Expect the unexpected and most of all keep conscious!
Hannah Werdmuller, Amazing Folk/ Blues acoustic singer songwriter – and since Hannah’s going away imminently this is one of your last chances to see her performing in Edinburgh!
Calum Carlyle (accompanied by Sir Tom Watton), Eclectic and quirky songs played by people who usually get them right most of the time!

You can download Conscious Route‘s entire Edinburgh Unplugged set by the way for free, it was a thoroughly invigorating performance. There’s a link on the Edinburgh Unplugged FB page.

That’s it, hope to see you all on Tuesday and/or Thursday!

Remember to listen to all those free downloads as well. Fit it in while you’re doing the dishes (or filling the dishwasher, whatever…)

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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