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OOTB 426 with Aaron Shanley + free MP3!

Hi everybody, this week’s featured artist is Mister Aaron Shanley, all the way from Ireland. Come along, you’ll not get many chances to hear him performing in Edinburgh and this is the only time he’ll be playing a gig that’s free to get into i suspect. OOTB on Tuesday 31 May, 8pm, The Montague Bar on St Leonard’s Street, you all know it by now. 🙂

And here’s this week’s featured mp3. This week it’s by our featured artist Aaron Shanley, and it’s a track called “Here Without You” from his next album.


(right click to save mp3)

And remember to pick up any other MP3s you may have missed from the OOTB website too.

Okay, tons of events this week. Here we go…..

By the way i go to as many of the events i list as i can, and i always thoroughly enjoy them. If you spend your evenings at home, seriously you should think about checking these gigs out. It’s well worth it, they usually turn out to be rollicking evenings of musical entertainment for sweetie money. It’s yourself you’re cheating by staying at home. 🙂

Tonight (Monday 30 May) it’s Christine Collister supported by Supermarionation, and if you send an email or tweet (@smnwail4u) to Supermarionation, you can get on the guestlist. It’s at Sneaky Pete’s at 7pm.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 31 May) it’s OOTB 426 featuring Aaron Shanley of course, 8pm start, 7:30pm to sign up as a performer, and it’s free!

On Wednesday 1 June Secret CDs is happening in the Voodoo Rooms, and this week for a measly £3 you get to experience Tom McConnell, Aaron Shanley, Paul Gilbody and Arran Arctic. There are tons of good reasons to go to this gig, not the least of which is that Tom McConnell’s leaving for the states after this gig, and Aaron Shanley’s off on the rest of his tour, so if you want to hear these performers, now’s your chance! And that’s at 7:30pm for 8pm.

On Thursday 2 June you can hear Trapped in Kansas, Plastic Animals, and Letters at Sneaky Pete’s starting from 7:30pm, not sure of the admission cost? £4? £5? Not knowing keeps life interesting though, don’t you think?

Also on Thursday 2 June, at The Forest Cafe, it’s the annual Rock Against The Work Ethic, featuring Freeloadin’ Frank and his many friends. It’s free, of course, though you will no doubt be encouraged to contribute to the Save The Forest fund. Gone are the days when “free performance venue” meant “free” (Heavens forbid the performers might actually make any money, after all!) but i suppose every ideology comes up against reality sooner or later, and it’s all for a good cause, as they say.

On Friday 3 June there are a couple of things on, firstly, at The Blind Poet, Mutant Lodge otherwise known as Nyk Stoddart is performing, it’s a 10pm start, and free!

And also on Friday 3 June, for a fiver, it’s The Industry, Edward and the Itch, Lost Weekend and Jack Hinks, all of them performing at The Store on Guthrie Street, at 7pm. All proceeds go to Strangetown Youth Theatre.

On Saturday 4 June at The Blind Poet it’s Hannah Werdmuller, and rumours have been flying around that it’s a 10pm start, though make your own mind up about that. It’s Hannah’s final UK gig ever though, so don’t miss it.

That’s not even mentioning Friday‘s open mic night at The Ale House on Clerk Street (a 9:30pm start) and the Listening Room at the Blue Blazer (8pm on Sundays, with a featured act every week). Whew! It’s all going on!

Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention we’re having another jam session in Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket on Sunday 5 June at 3pm. Come along! Bring your instruments, or just come to listen. it’ll be fun!

So yeah, a good musical start to the month of June. There’s lots more coming up too, we’ve got Lindsay and the Storm as well as Neoviolet playing featured act sets at OOTB over the next couple of weeks, and next week’s Edinburgh Unplugged has a couple of fairly unmissable acts too. Anyway, see you all out there…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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